Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Party Dress

We (Brian's mom and I) are in the process of planning our Western Themed Engagement Party that we are having in October

I'm on the hunt for a dress now since everywhere has their "summer/short" stuff on sale!

Here's what I need:
* Cute with my cowgirl boots
*not too short!
*something not too fitted since I have not lost any weight yet!
*and of course I am looking for something white

Here is what I have found that has my size in stock, I am just going to order a couple online and then do returns rather than going to a million stores


1. Lucky Brand, cute western?
2. Might be too fitted under the bust

3. CUTE but maybe too fancy for backyard western engagement party
4. This is a fav! Just don't know about strapless with my arm fat, ha

Banana Republic

5. I think this one is also a Fav! I love the back, just hope its not see through at all!



So which # ladies and what do you like or dislike?


♥ H ♥ said...

3 and 6 are my fav! I don't think anything could be too fancy for YOUR day :) Wear whatever your heart desires. You're the bride after all, and you deserve to dress like a princess at all things wedding related!!

kate said...

I love 3, 5 and 6 sooo cute! Im not a huge fan of #1 and it's a little more fiesta/mexican feel rather than western. I also wouldn't go strapless, just b/c I feel everyone is always messing with a strapless top and you want to be relaxed and comfortable so you can enjoy yourself. Goodluck, you will look fabulous in any of them! xoxoxox

Lindsey said...

3 and 5 are my picks!

Bloodhounds and Babies said...

I love 1 and 5!!

Jen said...

I love 3, 4 and 5! What a fun theme :)

Ms. Wedding Crasher said...

I really love number 4!

Lindsey said...

they are ALL cute, but the 4th dress is my fav!!!!

Ivy said...

love number 5! and number 1 is soo cute too!


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