Saturday, July 3, 2010

8 Things

8 Things I'm Looking Forward to...
1) Finishing school!

2) Aquapalooza at Lake Travis next weekend, Girls weekend at the river house the following weekend, H-Town Showdown Wakeboard Tournament, Brad Paisley H2O Tour.. OK I think you get the hint, I live for weekends!

3) Brian starting with a career company in August!

4) Watching the baby I nanny grow and develop over the next couple months!

5) Celebrating my brother's 30th Birthday and parents 35th anniversary in September!

6) Starting my teaching job

7) Moving in with Brian (after the wedding or possibly a couple months before, were gonna play it by ear)

8) And of course, last but NOT least.. The Big Wedding Day!!!

8 Things I did Yesterday...
1) Ate lunch with Brian and Pierce

2) Talked to a couple girlfriends on the phone via text & call

3) Ate at Outback with my parents and got my mom an Iphone!!! She went from a pink Motorola Razar to an iphone, she is SOOO lost, poor thing!

4) Went to Academy, bought Brian some Boat Oil and me some of the Western Themed Silly bands I've been wanting, kid at heart!

5) Got a cute key copied at The Home Depot!

6) Took a nap

7) Facebook stalked (not a good thing)

8) Picked up room

8 Things I Wish I Could Do...
1) Get motivated to hard core diet and exercise!

2) Do tricks on my wakeboard!

3) Volunteer more!

4) Get in routine of wearing my retainer again, I want my teeth perfect for the wedding, the ortho said it would take us 9 months to do the whole process, holy moly! Better get crackin'

5) Save the animals in the Gulf & stop the oil spill

6) Send my parents on a vacation ALONE!

7) Be more positive

8) Work for a non-profit organization and be a teacher at the same time!

8 Shows I Enjoy...I don't really watch tv, this may be hard!
1) Fuel TV

2) TLC (cake boss, little couple, kate +8, anything to do with weddings)

3) Dateline & 20/20

4) Deadliest Catch

5) Biggest Loser

6) Loosing it with Jillian

7) Lifetime Movies

8) Extreme Home Makeover

Now you are ALL tagged!


♥ H ♥ said...

OMG Kevin and I love Deadliest Catch! Idk what it is, but that show is so entertaining! LOL And of course I love dateline/20/20 as well :) Love you!!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

We watch a lot of the same shows -- I am a reality tv junkie!!!

Lindsey said...

Cute keys make all the difference in the world.

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

This is so great. Mr Fix It LOVES Fuel TV and I am all about Dateline and 20/20. That ID channel is like my addiction :)

Joanna Noel said...

Left you an award on my blog!


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