Thursday, July 8, 2010

Flat Iron Help

Per mom's request, we are on the hunt for a new flat iron/straightener

After purchasing Revlon, hot tools, and so on straighteners several years ago(possibly 7-9) we made the big purchase of a Chi

After purchasing 2 of these, broke 1 and gave my friend Bekah one..
We purchased the Chi Turbo

After a couple years of using the Chi Turbo, it got moved on to our weekend house (Bernard) because we were introduced to this beauty

The Paul Mitchell Flat Iron, by far the best I have ever used! We now have 2 of these and my mom is ready to move one to the river house and give the Chi (at the river house) the boot...

So the question is, what is the HIT Flat Iron now, I have not even looked at any Flat Iron's in years due to my love for the Paul Mitchell!

If I am not reccomended to a better flat iron, we will probably just purchase another Paul Mitchell, I still hands down think it works great but willing to see what else is newer and better!

SO fill me in ladies!!


Tiffany said...

Still a CHI fan, hands down! I have owned 3 in about 6 years, 2 purchased, 1 replaced by warranty. I just haven't found anything better! =( (Sorry NO HELP here!)

Mrs. Awesome said...

My Hair Goddess introduced me to the CROC. It's amazing and will never go back! It gets up to 430 degrees...crazy. I also just did a Keratin treatment and honestly rarely use my flat iron anymore. It's amazing because it used to take me about 45 mins to do my hair...I have "horse hair" some may say. :) Lovingly of course. Hope this helps!

Angelica Brem said...

i LOVE my wet to dry chi! its a little more expensive, and i NEVER use it on wet hair, but it works wonders! if i straighten my hair, i wont have to do anything to if for at least 2 days!!

♥ H ♥ said...

After always having to replace my damn Chi, I got this one and I must say...I'M IN LOVE!! I like it SOOO much better than my chi. My hair feels healthy. Plus it's cute and they have a 4yr warrenty. Unlike the Chi, they have 1yr and it always goes out when the year is up. Anyway, I don't think I'll ever buy anything else now :)

Jen said...

I didn't even know Paul Mitchell made flat irons!! How cool is that? I've been trying to find a new one for the last year but had no idea which one to go with. Thanks for the recommendation!! Paul Mitchell, here I come! :-)


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