Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday: Things I want to Purchase

This is my first time to participate in Top 2 Tuesday
A lot of blogs I follow do it every week and thought I'd jump on the band wagon, ha!
This weeks topic is fun, 2 things I want to purchase

Here are 2 things I've been eying, of course I pick the most pricey things....

I have been eying these Lucchese's at Cavenders for a while now!! I've always just wanted them but now I need them to change into for the reception at the wedding.. I am not necessarily dead set on this pair, just a pair of Lucchese's in general would be wonderful!

I have already blogged about this little lovely "under water" point and shoot camera! I don't know what I'm waiting on, I have my heart set on it just can't take the leap to purchase it.... I went to Wolf Camera last night and looked at 2 other brands versions of "under water" camera's and just can't have a change of heart on my love for Sony point and shoots!


Angelica Brem said...

i want an underwater camera SO bad! i just got a new canon for my bday and i love it, but i kind of wish i would have gotten the waterproof one! let me know how awesome it is if you get it!!

Ashley said...

Great choices! I'm in need of a new camera too! Have no clue what kind I want though.

Lindsey said...

I love my Lucchese's!!! Since you are so involved in the rodeo you will get to wear them after the wedding for HLS&R 2012 :)

Lindsey said...

I wouldn't say that my Lucchese's were UBER expensive...you can get a great pair for under $200. They are a MUST.


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