Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday #25

When I first started "Thankful Thursday" I said I was thankful for my girl friends, but I can't say it enough! Everyone says they have the best girl friends in the world, but I am willing to put up a fight on this one to see who wins, ha!

A few things that make me thankful for my girl friends this week:
* Their unconditional support through life and the curves that I get thrown with
*Their concern for my health as I still struggle with what's wrong with me
*Their ideas/help with the planning of our engagement party
*Cooking me dinner, drinking some wine, and having great laughs last night!
*Checking up on my blog often and questioning me as to where my Wed Wedding and Thankful Thursday posts are :)
*Returning my emails often and making me feel loved
*Running errands with me

Those are just a few to mention for the week, I'm sure more and more are to come!!

I know some of those things may seem like the littlest things and are silly to be so thankful for, but when you come from some of the friendships I have had in the past.. You learn to appreciate what you have now!

1 comment:

Jonathan & Megan Lenz said...

And I LOVE YOU!!!! You are a truly amazing bestfriend. I am so thankful for you everyday as well love!


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