Thursday, July 8, 2010

Face Bronzer

Next up that I'm on the hunt for is a new bronzer!

I LoVe the one I use now....

Its the Two Faced brand which I purchase at Ulta!

I am happy with it, I just get bored with my make-up and like changing it up and trying new things!

A few things to keep in mind:
* I don't like glitter/shimmer in my bronzer
*Can't be too DARK or light for that matter, but you know some bronzers are just super dark!
*I only wear make up about once a week so its not that important to spend a lot of $$ so relatively fair price!
*I don't like it to be too thick and def not have a foundation of any sort

Some bronzers I have tried in the past: (at least the ones I can remember)

California Tan Bronzer, sold at Darque Tan or any Tanning Salon for that matter, used to purchase this when I worked there

Mac.. If I remember right I didn't like how thick it was

Physician's Formula, don't remember why I switched from this one to be honest

And that's all I can remember for now

So what do you use ladies? What are the pro's & con's?


Mrs. Awesome said...

I use Faux Tan by Bare Escentuals. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Joanna Noel said...

I use Mary Kay Brozing and I love it! I have never found one that I like more! It feels so good going on!

The Garcia's said...

i actually just purchased the sephora bronzer and i absolutely love it! I went through every one in the store and they even tried them all on me! You should def. check this one out!

Llama said...

Thanks for the advice on the bronzers...i am with you on MAC tooooo heavy! Right now im loving NARS :)

Jennifer said...

I have several bronzers that I rotate between...
~True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer by Clinique (sunswept)
~Sun Disk by Sephora (01)
~Bronzer/Highlighter Trio by Victoria's Secret (Goddess)
They're pretty much in order of which ones I like most.
Hope this helps. :D


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