Friday, January 21, 2011

Missing My Dear Sweet Joy

This post is long over due.. I started it on Janurary 4th, made me sad so I stopped.. Started it again on Janurary 12th, same thing.. And now here I am on the 21st getting the courage to give it another shot!

Some of you might briefly remember this post from the first week of Janurary last year, Joy Marie, and if you know me personally you know my love for this sweet dear woman!

With out going into too much detail and not making it sound like I'm striving for attention.. Basically she passed away a year ago (the first day I tried doing this post)... I've never missed someone SO much in my whole entire life!!

I was cleaning out some old picture boxes that have been under my bed for years just basically waiting to be dug threw for any "special" pics that needed to be saved such as family pics, memorable moments, close friends, my first car, etc... and the rest such as ex's, old friends, stupid/worthless pics, etc needing to be throw away!!

As I was going threw these boxes I came across this pic...

This is me with Joy's wedding bouquet when she married her second husband, Frank.. Let me just tell you, the second I put this pic in my hand the tears started pouring!! I felt like such a little baby, my mom came in my room as she heard me to find out what had happened...

There is one yes 1 thing I would give up almost anything at my wedding just to have... Frank bought Joy a 3 tier diamond necklace and gave it to her the day they got married.. side note- Joy has talked about and dreamed about my wedding day since as far back as I can remember.. Frank knowing Joy's dreams for my wedding, when we realized she was not going to live to see the day I walk down the isle, he decided he wanted me to wear that necklace on my wedding day, he told Joy about this a few weeks before she passed and she was beyond thrilled!! Due to personal family drama that to be honest is the most selfish situation I've ever heard of... Frank did not get any access/rights to any of Joy's jewelry or any of her belongings for that matter, that being said by the time Frank got his thoughts together in the weeks after she passed, the necklace was already gone..
Frank still says he is going to ask for the necklace back since he technically bought it etc. and I PRAY that he gets the courage up to ask for it back and I get to have a piece of Joy resting on my chest the day I finally walk down the isle!

If you believe in prayer and don't mind, say a quick prayer or make a wish that one day he will get his hands on that necklace again and will be able to pass it on to me.

Ugh I did not plan on this post to get this emotional but since it has and I don't want to cry anymore I'm gonna go ahead and wrap it up..

Miss You Auntie Cousin Joy!

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