Saturday, January 22, 2011

Refillable Razor vs. Disposable Razor

I never thought I'd be posting about this....

Back in October, yes approx. 4 months ago I got the worst razor burn I've ever had (maybe even the first real case of razor burn) I'm talking it looked like a advertisement pic you might see that is trying to promote to prevent razor burn!!
Randomly during boot camp one night I asked the girl's I'm friends with, If they've ever had razor burn and what they did? They said to throw out my current razor and get a new one, as also discussed how it's best to do this about once a month.. So I did! For almost 2 weeks after I could not roll my deodorant on, I had to "tap" it on, I could not wear certain shirts or bras, and could only lightly go over my arm pit every 4-5 days (sick, I know...)
It gradually started going away but was still defiantly noticeably there and pretty uncomfortable..

When I was at my yearly "head to toe" check up at my dermatologist last week I decided to go ahead and just mention the razor burn and see what she said.....

She asked if I used dispobsable razors...

Yes I do

What do you use to shave with, shaving cream?

She recommended getting a mens refillable razor, she said the disposable only have 3 blades and do not cut as close to the skin.. Compared the the refillable have 5 blades and cut closer to the skin causing less irritation to the skin, especially in a sensitive area

She also said that she recommends the Avenno shaving cream but that this was not a must, just if maybe next time I buy new cream I could get this one..

I started using this combo about 1.5 weeks ago, after 3 days my razor burn was 100% gone and my hair has not come back near as quick as it used to.. This may sound gross but I can go days without shaving and barely see any hairs coming in!

I've always been set on doing the disposable because they are cheaper and more convenient but I do not think I will ever go back except when I'm on a trip or something!

Let me know if anyone has had a similar experience, I would love to hear that I'm not the only random weirdo that was excited about a new shaving set-up :)

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Rachel said...

After being a college student for many, many years, I did everything on the cheap...including razors. I'd buy the cheapest I could find. I've (thankfully) never had any major issues, but Cullen would always make fun and complain whenever he'd stay over, forget his razor, and have to use mine. I can imagine how painful that cheap thing was on a man's face! One day, after moving in together, I was out of razors and his was the only option. I WAS AMAZED! My legs felt like butter. He had an extra razor, which has since become mine and now we save A LOT of money buying the disposable blades since we're both using the same thing. MEN'S RAZORS ARE FAR SUPERIOR! WOMEN NEED TO GET WITH THE PROGRAM!


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