Monday, January 17, 2011

Nail Update! Shellac Manicure

Remember this blog post last week, Nails or No Nails?
First of all, Thank You to all of you who left comments on your tips or past experiences and Thanks to all those that emailed me with your thoughts!

I decided to go ahead and get rid of the acrylic nails! I kinda feel like a dork, I feel like I did a good dead or something! ha!

After doing research and talking with friends I decided to go ahead and get the Shellac manicure. I started seeing signs at my nail salon and hearing about this new manicure a few months back but never really looked into it.. Basically it is gel nails, you can read about it here:
CND Sheallc Manicure

I went in thinking that it was just a natural color like a clear coat, until Kim (my nail lady of 5+ years :)) today said OK, what color do you want? I said I though it was just a clear natural look, she laughed and handed me the samples of colors

The main idea of me getting rid of the acrylic was to start budgeting and save money... Well this kinda defeated the purpose, it cost the exact same... BUT I still feel better about making the switch, I feel like my nails will be healthier, easier to maintain, easier to work with kids, etc..

I'm thinking that I might just go the Shellac as a transition from the Acrylic to eventually do the basic manicure (to stick with the original concept of saving money).. I think the Shellac is a good transition, for the few minutes I had no acrylic on my nail and before she did the gel, it felt SOOOO weird and of course paper thin :/

All and all I'm glad I went with my gut and Thanks again for the tips, and to top it off my nail lady didn't even really ask questions and agreed it was a good idea :)

Here's my nails, I went with a very light pink.. They even have where you can do french and then also bright colors, that maybe I'll get brave closer to summer and venture out to, but we'll see......

If you have a question or want an update in a few weeks, feel free to email me!


Tiffany said...

That was kinda my fear, the price being the same. But I think it will help in transitioning to a regular manicure...
So how do they feel, weak, paper thin or no?!

rblanton22 said...

LOVE. maybe i'll have to try that out, do you love them?!?!

your comment on my post cracked me up, you are fantastic bff!! <3 <3 love you mucho!


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