Monday, January 24, 2011

Face Powder Help/Suggestions?

First things first.. Thanks to all those who noticed my post after post after post the past few days... That's what staying in on a Friday night and experiencing the "grown up" world can do for ya :) (After reading and catching up with a bunch of blogs, I was in the mood to blog.. So I went to my drafts and my list of blog ideas and I started typing away, I set the post dates for the following days)
With a busy busy semester ahead of me, I am trying not to really make any "plans" for BD and I on weekends, minus the "can't miss activities." If you know me, you know this is very uncommon.. For years I have had something of some sort planned for BD and I to do pretty much every weekend rather it simply be dinner or going out with friends or as extreme as going out of town..
Since I know I will be more exhausted come the weekends this semester, I'm ready to kinda 'grow up' and have more nights in relaxing... I know my big sis is probably saying see I told you or Thank God your realizing now, ha! But she has no room to talk as she has always been Ms. social bug!

Now that I went off on my random tangent, on to the reason for this post...

I need some of you wonderful ladies advice/help...

I'm not happy with my powder I'm currently using... As mentined in my post a few days ago about concelear, I strongly dislike buying new make-up!!

I'm one that always wants to try new things and I jump around.. Rather it be toothpaste, body wash, make-up, or even cloths...
I love trying new things and rarely 'finish' a bottle of anything in my bathroom.. I'm learning this is not smart for more than one reason!
1. Too expensive
2. Never know if your going to like it better than the last
3. Makes my bathroom look cluttered
and the list goes on...

You know the saying, if it's not broke.. Don't fix it! I need to learn to live by that, If I like the way something is..then simply stick with it and use it!

So with that being said!

In middle school/high school when I started wearing make-up I began wearing Cover Girl and would alternate and use Clinique..

Over the years I've used Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder

A few times over the years I've tried ( remember above me I mentioned I cant' stick with anything, prime example..I'd have something that worked fine but yet I wanted to try MAC) using MAC Stuido-Fix Power.. I never liked it, not the first time, not the second time, and yes you guessed it.. NOT the third time!
So many people wore MAC and I always wanted to be that 'MAC Make-Up user' don't ask why...

Over the years of switching, I decided to try Bare Minerals Powder/Foundation and really liked it! You might be asking OK well then why don't you use it, I mentioned in my Concealer Post, I'm allergic to Bare Minerals Make-Up. I absolutely loved the natural-radiant glow that this make up gave me though!

After reading some good reviews and having a lady at Sephora help me.. I decided to go with Laura Mercier Pressed Power

To be brutally honest I do NOT like it!
I feel as those my face looks like this...

OK, that might be a bad image.. Cause fortunately I do not have any wrinkles yet, but what I'm trying to get at with this image is you can see every little imperfection and hair.. You can def tell there is a layer of make-up on her face (You can also tell on mine when I wear that make up)

I feel like MiMi from the Drew Carey Show

OK not literally but you get the picture...

So what do I do? I want the natural yet pretty look back!! Do you have a recommendation or should I try going back to the Clinique that I've used for years or try another Mineral Loose Powder?


I use this Primer after my lotion and have always had great results with it, I've also changed my face lotions a few times and have had all the same results of the thick yuck looking make-up!

Thanks in advance for any tips/opinions!


Kali said...

I've been using Smashbox HD makeup. I bought a starter set at Ulta. It's very light and not heavy and cakey! It comes with the primer, foundation, powder and under eye concealer. The concealer is the only thing in the kit that l don't really like. Good luck!

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment today on my blog, I really appreciate it :) I use benefit & it can be a little pricey, but it lasts forever and I love it! I don't wear any face powder, but I wear their hoola, which is kind of like a little bronzer!!

Rebekah said...

I am obsessed with mac studio fix powder BUT i found that the trick to using it is to use a powder brush to apply it instead of the provided sponge. it goes on thinner but still gives me the coverage i need. i only use the sponge on my eyes to put over my concealer.


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