Monday, January 24, 2011

Sending My Luck & Love!

I just want to send some Good Luck and Love to a few of my special friends...

* I have a friend starting a new job on Monday, she really deserves this and needs it to ease her life!!

*I have another friend who went to an interview on Friday, cross your fingers things work out!

* I have a friend who just finished her first half marathon this past weekend, she has been training for half a year and put so much dedication into this.. Technically she doesn't need the luck anymore cause she already finished, maybe the luck I sent her in a card at the first of the month helped her ;)

*I have another friend going to some training tomorrow in hopes of possibly getting a "not so good" job to then eventually hopefully move up to the good job part! PLEASE say a big prayer for this one!!!

* I have a friend who landed an awesome job only 2 weeks after graduating! She is in her very own classroom and doing great, she also found out a few weeks before that she is expecting her second child!!!

* I have another friend who is having bad back pain that's sometimes keeping her in bed, hopefully she finds solutions soon!

* I have a friend who is running a 5K in a few weeks, followed by a 10K.. And I will be pushing her to sign up for a half shortly after that! She has the dedication and strength to complete it with her eyes closed, she just needs the Faith!

* I have a friend who moved back to her home town of Dallas today... It made me sad to see her go this week, but I know she will be happier there and know that I will be seeing her again, so I'm not too worried :)

* I have a friend who is planning her wedding and dealing with a lot of unnecessary/unfair stress that is making her experience very unpleasant

* I have a fiance (bet you can't guess who that one is ;)) who is ready to make leaps and bounds!! New doors are opening and I'm so proud of him!!! We still need to land a job for him, but he's headed in the right direction!

Wow sounds like I have a lot of just random "friends" ha!
I'm sure I forgot someone that I have been praying for or thinking of but don't you worry, I haven't forgot about them in my heart :)

Good Luck, Get Well, and I Love all my friends!!!


Jonathan & Megan Lenz said...

awww thanks jenn! hope your day went great too!!! love ya

rblanton22 said...

oh my, i logged onto the blog world for the first time since thursday and YOU ARE ON A ROLL!!! i LOVE it!!! :) we need to get together soon, i love you mucho, and your posts are so good to read!


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