Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Lovely Blog Readers.. I don't like not blogging!

I'm not even gonna go into the whole spill as to why I haven't blogged in so long and how busy I've been cause let's be honest here.. That's not what y'all want to read nor is it really what I want to talk about!

Just a brief update:
*The demand of schooling this semester is absurd..speaking of I am supposed to be in Dallas with BD's family as we speak for his cousins wedding but I had to make the tough decision on Wednesday to go ahead and back out due to the amount of work I've been doing on weekends and have to do this weekend, it just wasn't feasible for me to try and get my work done during the week to allow me to get away this weekend.. If you know me, you know I must really have a lot to do cause #1 I love going to weddings and spending time with BD's family and #2 I've never really let school work keep me from doing something I want to do.....
SO I'm sitting here doing work and taking a break to blog :)

*I LOVE the elementary school I'm at this semester and really really enjoy my SBTE teacher's classrooms I'm in

*I'm not getting to go to boot camp as much as I was going and would like to go... I know I Know it's part of the "real world" and I"m working on getting used to it but after dealing with 43 fourth graders everyday and then also having endless assignments due for my college courses and making lesson plans etc. Boot camp is basically the last thing on my mind, unfortunately...
On a positive note though, I have lost another 7 lbs. totaling approx. 28 lbs
(if you realize this is much smaller, good for you.. If you know me, you know I strongly dislike talking about myself and my accomplishments)

*I miss seeing my friends... enough said!

*I'm ready to have my own classroom to practice my own classroom management and watching my kids minds bloom and develop on my teaching philosophy and so much more... Yes I'm going to be a teacher even though I just wrote out one of the most horrible sentences, don't judge!

*I'm ready for RODEO!! I say every year I'm going to go to sooo many shows and let's be real here... After working a 6 hour shift on my feet running around with kids at the Rodeo, I very seldom want to stay for the show or even go back to enjoy myself... But I'm going to try and change that this year and seriously go to several shows, this should be easier since 2 of my girlfriends are on the committee with me this year and since my friend H Ty and I have talked about going to some shows, like old times... 4 years ago we went to I think 7 or 8 out of the 18-20 shows together!

This is the only pic I can find right now of us at the Rodeo together, Rodeo Cook Off 2005/6? (I know there are at least 25+ from over the years, but them all off of my facebook and have moved them off my laptop onto an external hard drive)
Did I mention how proud I am of this girl? NO I didn't, so wow I've always envied how headstrong she is and her Faith but this girl has shown it more than ever in the past 6 months! Without giving too much of her personal life out into the cyber world... She has been burned 1 too many times, after years of guarding her heart she finally let the guard down and yet it happened again... I'm not going to lie and say she was OK, she was lonely and confused for a few months after she fought through with that determination and Faith that I mentioned she had, she's back on her feet and full force!!!! She is back to the H Ty we all know and love. I tried to be the best friend I could and stick by her side rather it be to cry to, vent to, send her surprise cards in the mail, or just all around be there.. I hope I helped! This ole silly boy is not all that brought her down, she has had a rough past few months but nothing will hold this girl down, I promise you!!!! OK well I did not plan on talking about that and I think I've shared enough of her business and now that I'm teary eyed, I'll stop :)

H and I at her apt. before going to see Randy Rogers for her B-Day!

*I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of a little baby boy named Luke... If this little guy doesn't hurry up and get here, I might mentally go broke! I do not walk in ANY store and not see something pick something up and think about buying it... I've learned that I have to resist the temptation, I've bought him a few little things and my mom keeps telling me to stop so we can focus on something bigger and more beneficial for the future parents! Although I most importantly pray for good health for the mom and baby and comfort of labor for the mom, I pray a little bit also that he decides to come closer to afternoon time so I'm able to get up to the hospital shortly after and not have to miss school ;)

*I'm really excited about the little Valentine's I'm making for my students... I know I know all you teacher's are saying, just wait after a couple years that will be the last thing on your mind and your lucky if you make it to the store to buy candy, ha! But for now I'm excited and ready to get out my scrapbooking supplies!!!!

*I'm behind on my Daily Devotional, yes that is NOT something you allow to get behind on but I have.... so I'm going to wrap this post up so I can get back to writing this extravagant lesson on Civil War and then on the next break, I'll do some reading :)

Sorry so long and very few pics but until next time....
Smile, it's the ultimate anti-depressant!!!


rblanton22 said...

i just caught up on my devotionals today. so let's say a little prayer that it stays that way! love you, glad you've blogger, ive missed reading your posts!!

♥ H ♥ said...

I love you more than words can say! You mean so much to me and thank you, THANK YOU, for being there for me. During the good and the bad. I know I'll always be ok because I have God as well as the BEST FAMILY AND BEST FRIENDS I could EVER ask for. I truly am beyond blessed to have this life that I have. Although I don't always see it, I am so lucky :) Love you Jenn and thank you for the sweet shout out :) And yes, I'm back to MEEEEE LOL! One hell of a ride, but I held on tight!


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