Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekend Re-Cap:

Thursday night met 10 of my school buddies @ Lupe Tortilla for dinner, ornament exchange, and this fabalous little blue ornament cake Katie made (she's been taking classes)

This is everyone with their ornaments they left with at the end..

Friday night I stayed at Danielle's and helped well not really helped more like kept company to prepare for the party the next morning

After dinner we watched the Proposal, such a cute movie.. Don't you just love her entertainment center? I want it! For that house I don't even have, ha!

Saturday morning we ate breakfast and exchanged gifts. This was her ornament I gave her, at the bottom it says our first home and on the back it has the year and their last name Family..

Around 11 everyone started showing up for the ornament exchange, here is Danielle passing out the #'s

Love these girls!

I let Brian open 1 of his 25 gifts early... Literally he has 25 gifts, my mom LOVES him..

He opened a glass plaque that had the definition of Soul Mates and then our names at the end... We have said we were soul mates since like 2 months after dating!

Saturday night we headed to Matt's new house (Brian's step brother) and enjoyed his house warming/Christmas party! This is Brian's dad, step mom, and step brothers Matt and Mason! Love them all!!!

Tracy (matt's girlfriend) and I!

Sunday was spent wrapping presents, cleaning rooms, organizing, and just a day at home!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I look forward to blogging a lot this week due to the extra time I have on my hands!


JMay said...

What a cute couple you two are :-)

such a fun blog!

Erin said...

looks like such fun! Happy Holidays!!!


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