Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 in Pictures

I am playing along with Kelly and Stephanie and putting one yes 1 picture from each month and why it was special!
This is going to be depressing as I see myself gaining weight over the year, but its ok.. I'm ok with it since it will be gone soon :) WHOA for New Years resolutions!

Chevron Houston Marathon!

Mom and I did the Chevron Houston Half Marathon in the cold! I raised 2000+ for MDA in support of my brother who was diagnosed a couple years ago with a form of MD

February: HLSR Cook Off!
Also a month for road trips, Dallas to see the Jones... San Marcos to stay with Rachel and San Antonio for the Rodeo with Pat and Jenny

If you live in Houston and you know me and my love for the Rodeo season (yes I call it a season) then you know about Cook OFF!!!! One of my favorite weekends of the year!
This is Kelli and I with our passes to 2 of the best cook off tents!

I have to throw it out there that I joined my dream committee this year. Ladies Go Texan! I am so so excited and honored to be apart of this committee and can't wait to see what it has in store for me this year!

I know were only supposed to post one pic but I'm only posting from one event, does that count?

ok ok I'll stop now... On to my Birth Month

24th Birthday @ Wild West

If I have to pick 1 picture.. This is it! Look at the smiles on everyone's faces :)
My long time friend Anand bought a bottle of Champagne to help celebrate my Bday @ Wild West!

April: Round UP!

I would have to say my favorite part of April (summer) is the wakeboard competitions Brian competes in!

May: Megan's Month

Megan's wedding

Megan's Rehearsal

Megan's Bridal Luncheon

Megan's Shower hosted by Terry

Megan's Bachlorette Party! DEF the BEST one I've ever been to!

June: Our family's 1st Annual Crawfish boil @ our river house! (multiple pictures are a MUST for this event)

Me with my 2 favorite boys in the whole wide world!!!! Fynn adn Wyatt

Me and my mom were so proud of our decor and special things we did...

The slide!

Rachael and I having too much fun!

Some of the people still left at the end of the day..

Ok Ok I guess that's enough...

July: Every weekend in July is a blast for me, spent every weekend @ my river house with some of my favorite people.. But the one weekend I'll post is the wakeboard competition H Town Showdown.. Brian and our friend Mike C rode in the comp. and we had some GREAT friends come out and support Brian and spend the day with us!

All the girls @ the comp in our matching bandannas

That's my lover!

August: Vegas

With my parents in front of Ceasers Palace

Auntie Cousin Joy's Birthday

Me, Auntie Cousin Joy, and my mom celebrating Joy's Birthday!

October: Camping @ Waketoberfest (wakeboard comp)

Rachael and I out on the boat!

November: My bis sis's (God Sister's) Wedding

Lindsey's Bridal Potrait, isn't she the most beautiful bride???

December: Seeing the smile on Brian's face as he opened all his Christmas gifts, he's come along way this year and he deserved the best Christmas of his life (he said it was the best :), my goal was completed)

Brian with his Fish Cook Book I got him!

So there ya go fellow bloggers.. There is a small glimpse at my year in pics! I take prob 200+ pics a month, so narrowing down to these few were very hard!

I hope other's follow along and show us their year in pics!

Happy New Year!!!


Kelly said...

What a fabulous year it looks like you had! And nice attempt with the one-picture-per-month rule, hahah ;-) It was hard for me too! Oh, and ps-- can I come to your next crawfish party?? Haha, FUN!

Joanna Noel said...

LOL! I know what ya mean about the tons of pix! I went on a road trip this month and took over 800 pic!

Stephanie said...

haha when i first read "one picture a month" i was like "oh man, i didn't do that"... but then i was glad to see you didn't either. ;) haha, how could you pick just one? looks like a fun year! PS - I love that dress you're wearing at your friend megan's rehearsal! cute!

Anonymous said...

What great pictures!You made some great memories this year!

Lindsey said...

Faaabulous 2009 Ms. Blumrick!

Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch George Lopez, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.


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