Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving/Lately in Pics

On Wednesdays before bible study I take the boys to the gym to play dodge ball for an hour, gotta get some energy out before more learning, ha!

My 3rd grade Bible Study class! Great kids!

On Thursdays I volunteer at the Children Museum for the under privileged kids that come and play :)

My daddy and his cousin Joy on Thanksgiving, please say a prayer for her, she is battling with ALS

Thanksgiving morning Brian and I headed up to Arlington, Texas with his Dad, Step Mom Michelle, and 2 brothers Matt and Mason to spend Thanksgiving with Michelle's family, this was my first time to meet them in the almost 3 years I've known the fam and it was such an honor. They welcomed me like their own!

Matt, Me, Mason, and My Love!!! The future brother in laws, love them!!!

Friday AM Michelle introduced me to Nordstom rack, umm HEAVEN in my eyes, We are getting one here in Houston in the Spring of 2010.. I called my mom and said umm were in trouble when it opens, ha!

Brian and Mason with their Marc Jacobs and Prada's.. No they didn't buy them, ha!

After shopping I went to meet my mom, her 2 sisters, and 3 of my cousins for lunch at Olive Garden,my mom flew in Fri Am to stay with her sister and rode back with Brian and I on Sunday :) She needed a mini vacay! thanks Aunt Diane for entertaining her :)

After dinner Fri night we headed to a light show in the park, they told us to keep driving no stopping, but of course I broke the rules and had matt take a pic of the bf and I!

My FAV part was DEF the 12 days of Christmas set up!

My love and I in the back of the truck, my leggings are kinda see threw, eek!

Friday around 10 we headed to McKinney approx an hour and 20 mins away.. We couldn't wait to see the Jones.. We went to bed around 1230, the second we heard their voices downstairs around 7 we jumped up and went down there!

Wyatt and I in the theater room playing WII, it was a long day...

Fynn has learned to ride his bike since we were last there, he rode for 2 hours the day before... The second he got on he stopped and said ouch my butt hurts, ha!

At night we headed to McKinney square to see Santa and have dinner, so much fun!
Wyatt walked up and grabbed my hand to walk with me, I had to get a pic of course!

Brian and I on the Sleigh

And now for the PICTURE of the weekend.. Our Santa pic!!!! These are 3 of my all time FAV people in the world!!!!

I hope everyone had as wonderful of a Thanksgiving as we did.. I've enjoyed reading all your post and seeing all your pics this week

I promise I'll blog more....


Christin said...

I like the new header! Don't you just love Christmastime!?

Annie said...

AW, the pictures are all so cute!! you are beautiful girly!! i'm glad you had a great thanksgiving/weekend :)

Jonathan & Megan Lenz said...

you cheated on me and now i have proof..hahahah! glad you had a fab time in mckinney! miss you.

Lindsey said...

Precious pictures!


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