Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Roses and Thorns:

*All gifts are bought, wrapped, and tagged.. Ready to give!
*Done with the semester!
*So excited about the next few weeks!
*Feeling crafty.....
*Cleaned out my rooms and closets today!
*Excited to hit up Swoozie's and Target's after Christmas sale on decor!
*In the baking mood... SO many wonderful recipes on everyone's blogs lately, may have to try one out!
*Slumber party Friday night :)
*Babysat this weekend and made some good $$$
*Got lots of packages in the mail this week!!!

*Didn't do as good as planned/wanted in 2 of my classes, NOT a happy camper!
*Still not loosing weight, but working out with trainer 5 days a week....
*Need to ship a few things, hate paying for shipping though.. Any tips on how to make it cheaper? ha!
*Ready to move out with my LOVE!
*Don't have much more to complain about.....

Things I'm looking forward to:
School friends dinner/ornament exchange Thursday
Staying the night at Danielle's and having a girls night Friday!
Ornament exchange at Danielle's Sat. AM
Christ Tomlin Saturday Night along with Matt's Tacky Christmas Sweater Party
Spending the day with Megan Monday
""""""""""" Lindsey Tuesday
Ice skating, dinner, and gift exchange with Bekah
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
The list will be continued.....


Katie said...

yeah for being done for the semester, I have one more test tomorrow! looks like you have lots of fun planned!!!

Annie said...

i can not wait for target's after christmas sale! i will be there with bells on like it's the day after thanksgiving, haha!!

you have so many fun things to look forward to!! enjoy the rest of your week sweets!! XO!

The Hardwick's said...

I can't wait to shop Target's after Christmas sale too! Yay for getting packages in the mail! Have a blessed Christmas break!

Stephanie said...

whoa! 5 days a week? go you! :)


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