Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm ALIVE and Feeling Great!

By the request of my "big sis" (the one that just got married), I am FINALLY posting! She emailed me today saying she needs a daily reading at work, ha! This has been one week from hell for me, I am not one to complain on my blog or tell my personal business so I'll just sum it my week:
*3 finals
*told I have diabetes (now I dont :/)
*didn't pass the PPR state exam again on Monday
*was told yesterday I can not move on with the program at school (quest 2) next semester due to not passing the ppr in time, even though they only gave us 2 weeks to pass it... SO I will only be taking 2 or 3 classes next semester :( :( compared to 6 this semester :) So I will be working full time (subbing) and catching up with friends, scrapbooking (thanks to Danielle), and just enjoying life a little more oh and really working on my health and my weight!
*just to add to my list.. I had 3 dresses on SALE @ Nordstrom in my cart.. Went back to purchase them later that afternoon and GONE, they were gonna be for the cruise in Jan!

But hey, today is a new day, next week is a new week, Life could be much worse AND I've learned this week I have the BEST friends a girl could ask for!! As my friend Miggity (Mike C) said now I won't be going 200mph only 100, ha! And as Megan said, God has this planned and this is prob best for me to slow down for a semester with my health!

Onto another blog of just pics from the past weeks!

brb... in my next blog :)


Stephanie said...

ugh sounds like a rough week! :( at least you'll have more free time next semester!

Chris and Danielle Lenz said...

I am so glad you are back to blogging! I've missed reading your updates. Just wanted to let you know that no matter what I love ya and you will get through all this. Just know your family and friends are here for you!


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