Monday, December 7, 2009

HOOK EM' and Weekend Re-Cap!

First things first... How bout them LONGHORNS? Hook Em' Baby!!!

BIG 12!! ONTO the bowl game!!!

Weekend ReCap:
Friday please see previous post, Friday night continued with wrapping and enjoying time with my rents!

Saturday: Lunch and Shopping with Ms. Hudson over at Longhorn In Houston. We had a GREAT time, well atleast I know I did! We had a nice long talk about being teachers and our thoughts and experiences, it was great. Then we headed to the mall to fight the crowds

Saturday Afternoon: Ran a few errands after I left Lindsey, Aaron Brothers, Hallmark Michael's Craft Store...

Saturday Night: We met up with some long lost friends! This group of people Brian has known since grade school and I met a couple years ago and that's how Brian and I met :) So Thankful for them in our lives. We enjoyed catching up, so many exciting things going on in their lives!
Amy and Jeff.. Their planning their June wedding in Mexico :)

Tracy and Justin, Tracy just moved into the 17th floor in a new high rise in town!

Mark and Kristen, love their Longhorn gear! Their both finishing up finals and loving their new apt and puppy.. She also just got some bling from him... Just a promise ring for now :)

My Love and I!

Were missing pics of Sean and Rachael, and Chris!

Sunday: Church with Brian's Fam then headed to lunch and Memorial City Mall with my parents! Got 1 formal dress for the cruise, buy 1 get 1 50% off bra's at VS, and Lindsey I got my purchases at express :)

Sunday night: Brian came over and helped me put bags together for my girls Christmas party this Friday night.. I can't take pics and show them yet or I'll ruin the surprise for one of the ladies who is also a fellow blogger... So those pics to come this weekend :)


Stephanie said...

fun fun! glad you had a good weekend! i need to hit up VS for some new bras... one of my two favorites broke today lol

kate said...

You always have so many fun things going on! Glad to see you looking so happy love!


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