Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Thoughts...

How fun would this be if all you lovely ladies participated? I know it may be hard with our busy lives, but what if we all try to post just a little something every day in November?

*Almost November, what? Wow time flies!

*Only 4 weeks left of this crazy semester for me!

*Looking forward to an eventful weekend.. Friday I take my PPR State Exam at 9 am, say a prayer please! Then I meet for a group project then I will be going to UH Orchestra for extra credit for my music class..
Saturday night we are headed over to Megan and Jonathan's to pass out candy and maybe head to a Halloween/Stock the Bar Party after!
Sunday church event in the AM then headed to Dewberry Farms for some fun in the corn maze, pumpkin patch, hay ride and oh so much more.. Then home to do school work of course!

*I'm honored that my God Sister aka big sis asked me to do a reading at her Wedding on Nov 14th.. I need to practice for that :)

*Camping was a success last weekend, I'm ready to go again!

That's it for this week's Thursday Thoughts! Off to run some errands..

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Annie said...

i have a hard time posting 5 times a week, i couldn't imagine posting every day!! although, it would probably be fun!
good luck with your exam tomorrow!!
sounds like you have a busy fun weekend planned, hope it's a great one!! :)

Mrs. Watts said...

Can NOT believe its Nov. either!

Christin said...

Good luck this weekend! And seriously this year has flown by!

Ashley @ Ramirez Family said...

This would be a fun challenge to take on, however I think the most I have ever posted a week was 5 times. I dont know if I can be that entertaining for 7 days, 4 weeks straight, lol. hahah

pocket full of pink said...

AH, fun challenge, but defintely not something I'm up for, haha! And seriously?! How is it already almost November?? This year is FLYING! Enjoy your weekend!

Christin said...

Hey chick! I actually set up the book in blurb as a Guestbook, so the left pages have lines to write on and the right pages have pictures and quotes. Hope that helps! Have a wonderful weekend! :)


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