Sunday, October 25, 2009

Longg post...

Sorry ahead of time ladies, I have a lot to say and show today! First I want to start off with a "Sunday Worship" since I have not done this in several weeks. I want to share this video, I am in love with this song! I tried to directly put the video on my page but don't know how to save it to my comp. Please take the time to check it out

Point Of Grace

As promised from last week here are a few pics of the NEW and IMPROVED Houston Children Museum! This is only 1 little section I was able to snap some pics on my bb

It's amazing what kids can learn these days before "Growing Up" I'll be blogging more about my Internship @ the Museum in later posts!

Thanks for all the lovely comments and entries to my Giveaway so far!

I need some Grad's opinons.. I only have 1 semester left but I am Still debating on getting a class ring.. No I have not worn my High School ring since the day after Graduation but I think College is differnt? Sooo the question is to get one or not??

Also any education majors out there have any tips for me for the PPR?

I'll leave it at ALL that for now!
May post again later!

Comments are greatly appreciated for advice and tips.... :)


♥ H ♥ said...

I haven't taken my PPR but Kristina's roomie said it wasn't that hard (and if SHE can pass, you def can pass it :) Cool pics!

Scott and Amanda Ekeland said...

With the PPR you have to remember that the situation given is if you had an ABSOLUTELY PERFECT CLASSROOM. Meaning every resource, every aide, every possible thing you need. There are 2 answers that are right, but the one they are looking for is the "perfect" classroom. So with that said, it might not be what you would do since obviously perfection isn't possible, but what they want you to put. Do the practice tests that you can download from their website.... that will help! Let me know if you need anything else!!

Anonymous said...

None of my girl friends that got class rings wear theirs nor do any of the women at the office. I would get a ring with a red stone for u of h that you would wear all the time as a symbol of your graduation and get it engraved on the inside. Does that make sense? - LB

Annie said...

the children's museum looks like so much fun!!

Lauren said...

I agree with anonymous above- most of my female friends don't wear their rings nearly as much as our male counterparts do! However, I LOVE being able to slip on my USC ring for job interviews, important meetings, etc. Just a personal preference, I guess.

Lindsey said...

I am studying for the PPR too...go figure. I'll be taking mine in January or February and don't really plan on spending more than 10 days to a week on the studying. When are you taking yours?

My class ring opinion - I would say no...I wanted one for a LONG time but now am glad I didn't spend the money. I wouldn't ever wear it. Besides, one day you'll have a MUCH more important ring that you'll want to take all the spotlight.

HaNgiN' wiTh tHe BrAdfORdS said...

about the ring...i wear mine ALL.THE.TIME. i ordered the classic ring that the school offered (through balfour) and then my parents are going to pay for me to customize it for my bday! it looks too much like an aggie ring right now so im getting the middle part removed and replacing it with an orange stone! hook em-ha :)

anyway, my advice is OBVI: get the ring, sister!!

Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

I'm not paying hundreds of dollars to get another class ring. I got one in high school and it's gorgeous, but I wore it for maybe 2 months after I graduated. I would never wear a college ring.


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