Monday, October 12, 2009

On my mind!

In regards to my post a couple weeks back about Cause Awareness Ribbons....
(which by the way, thank you for those of you who left postiive comments about)
So I was doing some more research into the "Dark Green" ribbon that I mentioned for Mitchondrial Myopthay for the form of MD disease my brother has, well after doing some research I found out that is also the SAME ribbon color for Traumatic Brain Injury which my brother also suffers from, how weird is this? So you better believe I will be ordering lots of green ribbon items and always wearing my green wrist band.. Kinda freaked me out but made my cry at the same time!

On a positive note! I met with the head personal trainer at the gym today and will be starting with a personal trainer 3 days a week starting next week! It is going to be hard and costly, but I'm determined to loose this weight I have put on in the past year and I really feel having someone to push me to workout will help me do this!

Also.. What do you ladies think of these clothing items...?
Love this dress for the cruise in Jan.. Just looks super short, eek!

This jacket is from Francesca's! I'm also looking for one similar to it in Ivory, if anyone see's one let me know!

Leggings and boots? :)

Sweater from Kohls

That's it for now..
Until next time!
Hope all my fellow blogger's have a GREAT Monday and rest of the week!


The Mrs. said...

You'll love having a personal trainer. I started with mine about a year ago when my hubby first deployed to Iraq... gave me something to do, and I was motivated! I only did it 2x a week now, and recently moved it down to 1x becuase I'm running more (and have less time). But anyway, you'll LOVE it, and will see results!!

I like the jacket and the sweater dress the most! That first dress looks uber short! lol

Scott and Amanda Ekeland said...

I too love how passionate you are on these topics. Please let me know where I can get those ribbons, I would love to support the cause to help your brother. You are exactly right, while breast cancer awareness is extremely important, there are SO many other diseases that need to be acknowledged as well. Great post!

Chris and Danielle Lenz said...

I'm so happy for you Jenn!!!! This is all amazing news and you are just amazing! I especially love the sweater dress and the jacket!

Annie said...

you have picked out adorable clothes!! love the jacket!
yay for a personal trainer! i would love to have one myself ;)
hope you had a great weekend girly!!


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