Sunday, October 4, 2009

Outlet Steals

After a long week of school work and strees I decided to head to the new outlets off 290 in Houston, on Friday... I went with a few purchases in mind.....
*Aldo Boots
*Columbia fishing shirts for the Beau
*Burberry Scarf
*Maybe something from BCBG

I left with!

My PINK Burberry scarf that I've been dying to get every since I saw it on Kelsey over at "The Seattle Smiths"
Might I add... I paid LESS than HALF the original price, gotta love outlets :)

Last Fall I wanted this BCBG dress so bad, but was not going to pay $360 for it...

But sure I'll pay 89 BUCKS FOR IT!!!!!

I plan to wear it on a "Semi-Formal" night on the Cruise in Janurary!

Also walked away with
*A pair of Roxy Skinny jeans for 14.99
*Roxy Hoodies for 24.99
*Roxy shirt for mom 9.99
If you know me, you know I LOVE LOVE my surfer clothes, as much as I love my girly designer stuff, I can rock Hurley and Roxy any day!

1 comment:

the tichenor family said...

Wow!!! You got some great deals. I have STILL never been to the Houston outlets... we should all go Christmas shopping out there. I am jealous of your Burberry scarf, it's too cute!!


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