Friday, October 9, 2009

Show us your life... Tailgating & Teams

I love participating in some of my fellow blogger friends daily fun activites.. Today is!
From the lovely Kelly's Korner
Tailgating and Teams...
I only have pics on my computer from the past 3 football seasons, so lets see what I can come up with!
First I must represent my University of Houston Coogs!

Sept 2007 before heading to the UH Homecoming game!

A few of my girlfriends @ the same game in their cute shirts they made!
Only one that blogs is Heather, make sure to check her blog out :)


Shasta at the 2008 Homecoming Pep Rally!

Heather and I with our Camo UH hats with our initial rhinestoned on the side

Kelli and I had a little too much fun with these things!

The Beau and I @ a game!

Unfortuntaly I haven't made it to any games this season, for as much as I love football :(
But I hosted a Tailgate shower... So here's a few pics from that!

Hopefully I can convince Kelly to do a "Show us your life..Concerts" then I'd have TONS of pics!


Brandi said...

Great pictures.

Chris and Danielle Lenz said...

Love it! Guess what I found?! The cutest UH shirt at BeauKisses that I just have to have and you would love it too. Might have to make a trip there REALLY soon!

Annie said...

you are so cute!!
great pictures! :)

The Mrs. said...

Cute! I've been to all of one football game in my life... just not a big sports fan. :)

♥ H ♥ said...

SOON we can add pics of us in our dresses :)

pocket full of pink said...

Yay, go coogs! My sister went to of UH and I always had so much fun visiting her. Love the pics. AND, just read your previous post and I think the idea of a sailor girl is SO cute!! I'm still trying to decide what to be...hmmmmmm.....


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