Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Shoes #3/final for now..

just had to show the packaging, it was silky and just so nice.. Felt so elegant!

So there it is ladies, what my shoes will look like with my girls!

Thanks Heather and Bekah for allowing me to open your boxes for pics :)

They are just SO pretty, I didn't even want to touch them, as you can see I left them in the packaging.. I was so gentle with them like they were glass or fine china, ha!

Kuddos to Zappos, great customer service, fast shipping, A++!!!

That should be in on shoe post for a while now, if you need to catch up, refer back to the past 2 Wed's blogs!


Lindsey said...

I bet you never thought you'd do THREE posts about shoes!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Oh yea! So glad that the shoes worked out for you. You remember I had them in Red...did you see the pics I recently posted on my blog that my photog had taken of them hanging in some trees? They're just gorgeous!

your colors are fabulous and I'm sure they'll be great. Just a tip...break them in and maybe plan on some lower flats to change into if you have a long day on your feet like I did. I worke my shoes around the house for a few months before the wedding day (would never take them outside) and still ended up wanting to get out of them after having been in them for pre-ceremony pics and then the ceremony.

Good thing that I had the flip flop basket for favors for the ladies to change into! :)

Paige said...

How pretty!!

Annie said...

love the shoes girly!!!!

what i'm loving right this second is your header!!! great pictures hun!! you are too cute!

Christin said...

Love them.

Jen said...

Oh love the shoes! Excellent final choice!

jessica lynn said...

soooo cute!!


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