Monday, June 21, 2010


If your not already following Laura, you must should! She is a newlywed and just started a new blog: Happy Hour with a Housewife
She is still in the process of posting wedding pics and is ALREADY doing a giveaway!
I'm hoping to win, I'd love one of the precious parasols for the wedding next year!

And to make it even better, another newlywed I have been following through out her planning process is the one who makes the Paraols and she just announced her fun wedding store on etsy, check out her blog and check out her new shop!

Vote VOTE vote, please!

Kelle over at Enjoying the Small Things is everything I want to be in a mom. She is amazing, she loves both her precious little girls with all her heart. Her love for her husband is out of this world and she cares for his 2 boys like their her own! She brings me so much inspiration and I often tear up while reading her blog

Kelle and her girlfriend did a little home made video to run for Oprah's Search for the next TV star. Kelle's idea for her reasoning on deserving this TV show is SO perfect for her so please go VOTE


kate said...

If you don't win the parasol or don't want to buy one, you can most defiantly borrow mine...It's black and white not purple but it is sooooo cute. Hopefully you got your thank you card and saw the pics of it lol Let me know if you would like to borrow it!

Laura Lewis said...

thanks for the post jenn!


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