Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Shoes #2

Ok so scratch everything from last Wednesday's shoe post! I appreciate all the comments and opinions and took them into consideration!!!

So remember my excitement about my girls shoes coming back out?! refer here

Well I went back to Zappos website on Monday to order a few pairs of those precious little shoes and saw they added 2 new colors that I have never seen before, blue and pink!!!

Shoe problem SOLVED! I didn't want to clash my shoes with my girls so I couldn't get purple, I wanted a bow like theirs but didn't want them to not look good together, I don't have my "something blue" in mind yet and I just adore these shoes!

So I ordered the blue shoes, there gonna be perfect: my something blue, match my girls shoes perfectly but yet differnt, AND my 3rd color (along with purple and gray) is royal blue (just in the flowers) so what better shoe and way to bring out the blue in my wedding?!?!

Sorry If I'm not making sense I'm super excited and typing fast!!

I wish I knew had to photo shop so I could put the 2 shoes together to see how they look.. but even better I will have my shoes by the end of the week and can borrow a pair of my girls shoes and take pics!!

My lovely Matron of Honor Lindsey gave me some great advice about waiting till I had my dress cause of alterations, style etc. and at first I was taking her advice and understood but when I saw these, I knew they were the ones!

Bridesmaid Danielle brought her shoes to the river house with her this weekend to show me, they are just as beautiful and fun colored in person as they are online! Thanks for bringing them Dani!

Only Danielle could pull off a swim suit and heels :)


kate said...

Don't worry about having the shoes before the dress, unless you are going with a short dress (don't think you are) the style doesn't matter much with a floor length dress. Plus you aren't tall enough to have to worry about shoe height, in fact you need the shoes to make alterations so you are set! They are gorgeous shoes, they will look amazing! What a great idea for something blue. You will be such a beautiful bride!

Chris and Danielle Lenz said...

LOVE the blue shoes! They will be perfect!

Anonymous said...

Love the blue shoes! They will be adorable!

Kelly and Sara said...

Super cute!!!

Erin said...

How cute! I love remembering all my wedding planning through your plans! When you are in G-town you need to definitely visit Haba's on post office- it is where I got the white shirt, eat at The Original for mexican, Mosquito for dinner (my suggestion- get it to go, a bottle of wine, and head to the beach)- romantic! Miller's landing (amazing french toast) for breakfast! Hope this helps! DiBella's is great italian and of course Rudy and Paco's for a expensive, but phenomenal meal! :) 21 is a fun place to go after! Definitely visit the strand too! :) I wish I was there- we could have met up for lunch!

scrapperjen said...

AWESOME shoes!!!!!!
(visiting from


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