Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentiens Day

We spent our 3rd Valentines Day together! It was just what I wanted/asked for.. We started the day off at Church

Brian and I FINALLY made it to Church and I asked my flower girls parents if Andi Jane could be my flower girl.. As you can tell her mom was so honored!

We asked our Pastor, Marty if he would marry us.. He jokingly said if he was still alive, since its not till next May 2011..

We went over to the Children's building so I could ask Andi herself.. She told me no at first, until her mom explained to her what her job duty was, too cute!

After Church we headed to Crackerbarrel for brunch where we played Checkers outside while waiting for 35 mins..

We didn't finish our game... Some little boys walked up and were really excited when they saw the game so we got up and let them play

Any my beautiful flowers! Brian knows I'm not big on flowers but every once in a while esp V-Day its necessary! He got me 6 tiger striped pink roses! There still sitting in front of me as I type this post!

It was a great first valentine's Day as an engaged couple! We'll have 1 more next year then we'll be a married couple!

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