Friday, February 19, 2010

Check Check Check

This post might bore some of you but I just wanted to make myself a little list as to what I have got done lately to help ease my mind!

*Contract in hand just waiting on signature and check to send to the photographer

*Went to another florist appointment to compare.. Think were gonna go with our original company, once you add up and the delivery fees and set up fees it comes out to be the same amount ANDD if you live in Houston you KNOW Darryl & Co is the place to go, your guaranteed beautiful decor at your wedding!

they will be doing my:
pin spot lighting
wagon for the flower girl
maybe part of my candy buffet, need to talk to Catherine about that one... note to self!

* Went to 2 cake appointments... First 1 the cake was DEF better, cheaper, heard great things, my MOH and one of my bm's used this place, just need to go back and meet with the owner so I feel more comfortable that they can do what I want, I know the shop can but just didn't feel comfortable writing a check with the assistant. I have pics and know exactly what I want but want the owner's thoughts...
Second cake tasting is WELL known in Houston, great cakes!!! Did not taste as good as the other 2 we've been to, the design she drew up was amazing and I know would look exactly how I want it, but more $$$.. She helped me change a few things we had designed at the 1st place to make the cake EXACTLY what I want...But of course she wouldn't give it to me, ha!

So here's where you come in. What should I do?

*Found a dream dress, but not in budget.. So I'll just take pics when the time comes and find something like it!

*Got my binder from Catherine and all wedding stuff is officially organized!!

* Set appointment with the Venue to sign and book the first week of March!!!

Non wedding related:
*Cleaned both rooms (yes I have 2)
*got new bed for front room
*got caught up on school work, wedding planning kinda put me behind
*Loosing some lbs!
*Got all my new bible study stuff, yes that's exciting for me.. I've been waiting on the CD!

That's it for now!

Gonna get back in bed, supposed to be going to dinner for my MOH aka Buffer's Hubby's Bday but starting to feel sick... Was really looking forward to it :(
But need to be better for Baileys shower tomorrow since I won't be making it to her wedding, I def wanna make it to the shower!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Such a fun and exciting time -- I can't wait to what the journey come to life!!!

pocket full of pink said...

Things sound SO busy and FUN for you! YAY!


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