Thursday, February 11, 2010

Letters on the bar!

I'm ALL about personalizing EVERYTHING I can for our wedding!

I want to put our first initial's hanging from the bar...
I'm thinking a J on the left half, the & in the center over the stone and a B on the right half... I want them BIG, I found a guy online who can make them 20" but he doesn't have the colors I want.. SO I'm gonna get them unpainted and spray paint them!

The J&B will be in purple with dark gray ribbon and the & will be in gray with purple ribbon!

Any thoughts or extra tips?


the clark family. said...

Super cute idea! I bet they'll look great- and what a great way to add a pop of your wedding color to the bar area.

kate said...

I love the idea but maybe you should think about using just a D? Only because J and B are your unmarried initals as well as both of your first names, and the other way makes bj? Just a thought... but no matter what letters you use, the bar is going to look fabulous, you have the BEST ideas! You're wedding is going to be AMAZING!

Stephanie said...

great idea! so cute

♥ H ♥ said...

Haha, I read Kate's comment! Yes, and you know our friends have dirty minds (including me!) Anyway, I like either the D or you could make a smaller j BIG D and then a smaller b and the D make silver and the j and b purple. Or vice versa...idk. just another suggestion!

Oakstream Photography said...

I love your's so cute! I love the font you're using for your subtitles. What font is that??? Thanks :)


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