Thursday, February 11, 2010

Flower Girl/Ring Bearer/Bell Ringer

So I need some help and who better to come to then some of my lovely wedding blogger friends!

Ok, I have 2 flower girls age 5 and 1.5 next May.. I have 2 Ring Bearers 5 and 4 next May.. And I also have an usher who I babysit who will be 11 next May!

Here's my dilemma...

I want the boys to walk with old wooden fishing poles rather than pillows... (the future Hubby is a die hard fisherman, I am trying to tie our hobbies and interests in as much as I can without making it tacky or trashy)
Here is what I have found so far to play with... I will paint these more of a wood color

Yes these are OLD cang poles and yes Academy still sells them for $2 bucks!

Now... I want the poles to have bells on them in place of rings or I was thinking of putting a HUGE ring on the poles as like a joke.. But I really want "bell ringers"

So I bought a pack of bells, not the largest ones at Hobby Lobby but the ones right under that, ha!
I also have the flower girl basket and I def want rose petals down the isle

to be painted silver....

And THEN I have Allison, the 1.5 year old who may not be able to walk down the isle properly so was thinking of putting her in a wagon...

I took the pic out of a magazine, so you can't tell.. But its a wagon painted purple with cute pillows inside and flowers/greenery around the wagon..

So here's the problem... I have 2 options!

The 5 year old could pull the wagon to the front and the 2 of them stay up there... Well Allison's mom will get her out of the wagon,ha!

Then the 4 year old boy could walk down with the fishing pole with the bell attached but I think it would be precious to have them walk together

and then the flower girl would go down last and put down the petals..


I can have the 11 year old pull the wagon down the isle with Allison in it.. Followed by the 2 boys with the poles/bells and then have the 5 year old flower girl walk down then ME!

So what do you think? Would the 11 year old be embarrassed and feel like he is one of the "little ones" if I have him walk down the isle like that?

Any other thoughts or ideas of how I can pull this off?


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Oh I definitely think you should have the 11 year old pull the little one down in the wagon, then the 2 boys and then the FG. That is a perfect idea. And the 11 year old won't feel weird about it as long as you present it to him in a very important job kind of way. Like tell him, "We really need someone to pull the little one down in the wagon but we can't trust the younger boys to be strong enough or focused enough to handle this task. So do you think you could help us out and pull her down? It's really important to me." :) I'm sure he'll totally go for it.

very married said...

okay! i totally understand! in my wedding it was like this:

Bridesmaids ages 21, 25, 15, and 11
Groomsmen ages 20, 26, 27, and 10

So, there were young bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Ringbearers ages 2 and 5

and then the "flower girl" was 10. the same basic age as a bridesmaid and a groomsmen but was doing the job of the 2 and 5 year old. SO, i took her aside and said, "Listen, I know that i'm already asking you to do a big job by being the ONLY flower attendant but i need another big favor. could you please watch out for the little ring bearers? i know you're way more responsible than they are and i can trust you to keep them in line."

you could just see her head lifted a little higher and she took up the responsibility with excitement. and she did an amazing job!


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