Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life outside of Wedding lately!

Megan and I @ Colliana's gotta love some Italian food and byob (wine) on a Friday night! And no we did not plan on wearing the SAME scarf, a gray cardigan with a shirt under and jeans... Were just the best buffer's ever and it happened!

Megan giving Brian "double high fives" for making the deans list last semester! I'm so proud!!!

So 2 1/2 weeks ago Megan asked if I had plans this past Friday.. Since I didn't she made some for me! I was not told what we were doing, where we were going.. I asked what to wear, what to bring, and where to meet her and that's all I knew until we pulled up to the building!
So my mom and I met Megan's mom and rode together to meet Megan in town then headed on over to the surprise together!
Megan knows my love for Boots and Western Wear! So she took me so a "re-sale" shop of wall TO wall cowboy boots! Unfortunately its a hit or miss place and they didn't not have anything for us to buy that day but we WILL be going back!
After leaving there we headed to the Montrose area and shopped then went and had dinner at Chuys! All and all a great Friday night!

Our mom's in the back seat.. Obviously her mom is on the left (they look like sisters)

Ellen showing us "how to pose cute" for a pic! Megan wasn't thrilled..ha!

Saturday night a couple lovely family friends hosted Rachael & Sean's first shower!

The Happy Couple opening presents!

Not much planned for this weekend, but sure I'll find something to take pics of!


Laura said...

PLEASE tell me where that re-sale shop is. I'm in desperate need of some cute boots!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Jonathan & Megan Lenz said...

it is on welch street practically downtown. it is called Texas Boot Co. the owner is a glorified hippie....


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