Thursday, February 11, 2010

Full of Info..

I've missed blogging and now that 4 of my girlfriends have said something this week about me not blogging in a long time... Guess it's time to get back on it!
I have SO much to talk about, trying to sort ought all my thoughts as to what I want to include in this post...

I'm just gonna sum up everything I've done wedding related!

2 weekends ago, 1 of my MOH's and one of my BM's (also Bride to be) started our Saturday morning off bright and early with breakfast at Starbucks then headed to a bridal show, small show but got some cute ideas.. this is Rachael and I singing up, they were making fun of me for wanting a pic,ha!

After the Bridal show we headed over to the nice Woodlands mall and did some browsing.. Headed back to our side of town and dropped Rachael off so she could get ready for a wedding she had that afternoon..
Megan and I continued our journey and ventured to the Galleria where we spotted some nice purple ties on sale @ Macy's... Long story short after an hour in Macy's going to another mall that night to hit up that Macy's and another mall the next morning, I officially have the grooms, groomsmen, ushers, and dads ties all purchased!!! I would take a pic but there nicely hanging in my dads closet on his tie rack.. But there great, perfect!
So I have Megan to Thank for assisting me with that task!

Also found that day my MOH and BM's earnings at Francesca's.. After going to 3 Francesca's I have 7 pairs! Pics of those to come AFTER wedding.. Even though Megan and Rachael have already seen them, grrr!

What's next.. Mom and I have been non stop these past couple weeks, with me being majorly OCD and not gonna have time the next couple months, I am knocking out a lot of tasks now..
next stop.. Last Monday my parents and I went to our first cake tasting

After the cake tasting and lunch Mom and I headed to Darryl & Co. where I tentatively booked my flowers, linens, lights, and other decor including table centerpieces.

Remember my post a couple weeks ago about the Flower Girl basket's I thought I had found.... Well while shopping @ Michael's Craftstore with Megan and my mom, I found the PERFECT bucket... It will be spray painted silver/chrome!

Also that day we purchased 4 diff shades of Purple and brought them home and narrowed it down to this purple and this gray.. I didn't have a purple to base anything off of so we decided getting ribbon and basing everything I did in purple off of that (well at least close in color...)

Much more to come in the next couple days... Stay Tuned!!!


Lindsey said...

It had been 11 DAYS since your last post! Good thing you updated! So fun to see the pics even though I heard all about these events long ago!

kate said...

The color purple you chose is perfect...same as mine ;) I originally wanted a deep bordeux but when i met with the florist i found out that there aren't many (or none) flowers that match that color purple...your color however is perfect for matching flowers, there are TONS for your choosing! Yay!


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