Sunday, November 7, 2010

Custom License Plate

So some might think it's silly but I think it's fun...

I think it's neat to have expression on your car, expression as in your interests... Some might think it's tacky that that I have too much on my back window but I like it and have made sure that it's not "too much" and that all my stickers match and do not color clash, yes I am OCD enough to make sure that even that matches!

I currenlty have on my back window: (this changes often, but these set of stickers have been on there for a while)
Top center: Liquid Force (wakeboard brand I ride and love)
Bottom left: Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Lifetime member sticker (the description basically sums it up and I am very proud of this one, this is something I have wanted to be a part of since I was a little girl)
Bottom center: GCWA (Gulf Coast Wakeboarding Association- Houston's wake boarding club that I have made friends through, go to most of the tournaments, and my dad is a sponsor of)
Bottom Left: CCA ( Coastal Conservation Association- Fishing Association across America but big in Texas, I can't say this completely relates to me, but my fiance is a die hard fisherman, as is my Dad, You don't hear or see me fishing often now but when Brian get's a better boat for me to go out on and we can go to better water's, I will become a die hard with him, as of now I support the organization, I enjoy going to their banquets and silent auctions, so I represent on my car :))

So now that brings me to my license plate....
I got my first car when I turned 16, I debated on a personalized plate for years and finally got it when I was 18 and kept the car till I was 22..
Side note real quick: I love love love Texas, yes some people say they love Texas and enjoy living here etc. but I literally have that weird obsession with the state of Texas, you might be singing this in your head as you read..

Mr. Way Too Proud of Texas Guy (click to watch video)

So when I was debating on what plate to get, I knew I wanted "God Bless Texas." I though ok no one is going to have this and have the exact name I want on it, so I called the DPS to check on the avlaiblity of "Jenn" nope someone in Texas already has it, after asking a few more and finding out more names were taken then I ever though possible I hung up the phone set down and made a list of anything with abbreviations of my name, Texas, favorite number, and on and on and this is what I finally came up with

So now I'm ready for get another one for my car now! I don't know what I want though, I don't want it to be "too much" also I don't know if I want it personalized or just a personal plate with random letters/numbers.. Thoughts?

Here are some ones that have caught my eye:

I'm liking these new plain colored plates that Texas has come out with, but once again idk about the color's cause I'm way too ocd for the colors to clash, red could look good or possibly just plain black although I LOVE the Orange one!!!!

I also really like the UH one, I have nothing representing my future alma mater. I used to have a sticker but then felt kinda weird being 25, still in school and representing my school.. Idk don't ask!

There is the HLSR one, which I already mentioned I have the sticker above, but I could take that off.. I love what it says at the bottom of the plate!!

There is also CCA, which I also mentioned having the sticker above, and don't think I need fish on my car, although I think my fiance would really never question why he is marrying me again, haha!!

There is also the CASA plate which I discussed a few posts back about just completing the training to become a CASA worker, but I just completed the training last month and am not very inovolved yet so I would feel kinda silly getting this one..

So ladies, what do you think? Any suggestions on which plate I should get or if I should get it with a personalized word or just the standard state issued letter/number mix?

All suggestions/comments appreciated!

All pictures used are from the Texas DPS website (minus my old plate)


Tiffany said...

I have no advice, unfortunately! However I have so been wanting a customized license plate! Love em' Off to look......

Anonymous said...

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Rebekah said...

I want the UH customized plate but I'm having issues with paying the extra fee every year.


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