Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So What Wednesdays

I am participating in MaMa Dew's So What Wednesdays for the first time this week.. We'll see how I do!

So what if...

* I make all my extra money by getting to paid to hang out with all my most favorite kids.. I hate taking money from their parents cause it's more of a treat for me to see them and spend time with them, but I'm just a college student, I have to make money some how, right?
I watched my 2 little 11 yr old and 16 yr old all last week and weekend..
I'm watching my baby Allie as we speak, (she is sleeping, haha) I also watched her Monday and will on Friday..
and I watched my other future flower girl Andi Jane and her brother's Ethan and Joesiah yesterday right after school till 11 last night

*I volunteer too much, I enjoy it!

*I try my hardest to stay in as much touch with my close friends as possible, rather it be simply writing on their facebooks, texting, emailing, calling, or better yet seeing them!

*I send at least 1 card a week to someone rather it be a Birthday, Anniversary, Thinking Of You, Miss You, Congrats, Good Luck, Thank You, or Just For Fun card! Speaking of, I have 3 sitting on my desk right now that I need to get out, one being my God Sister's 1st Anniversary card that was this past Sunday... eek!

*I am not being able to make weekly dinner/shopping dates with my girlfriends like I used to ALWAYS do because I am doing boot camp Mon, Wed, and Thursday... I'm working on my health and fitness for myself :)

*I take too many pics...

*I normally have my Christmas shopping half done at this point or at least the whole list made and I have not bought one thing yet and really have no idea what I want to get people..

*I get tired of things easily/quickly like my cell phone case, purses, certain routines...

*I love planning anything and everything!

*I talk to my dogs like they are people and always greet them hello and tell them goodbye

*I am already ready for summer weekends at Bernard (the river house) and it's only November and just now starting to get "cold" I love the quality time I spend with my parents and fiance down there and we def didn't get enough of it this year!

*My main Christmas present from my parents is already sitting in my closet... My mom got me my pair of Lucchese Cowgirl Boots I've been wanting for years, we had to pre order them cause they are not sold anywhere in Houston and they came in early.. There supposed to be in her closet but she doesn't have room..haha!

*I graduated high school in 2003 and not finishing college till 2011, I've had some set backs and had to take off a couple years..

*I think the shows "Jersey Shore" and all of the "Real Housewives" are stupid.. I'm entitled to my own opinion right?

*I am obsessed with Tervis Tumblers and that's all I use at home and if I'm at a friends house and they have one in the cabinet I always tend to grab it...

*I get my feelings hurt when I feel like people only talk to or hang out with me when it's convenient for them and then they aren't too concerned with your life just about their own..

*I have 3 "draft" posts waiting to be finished so I can post them on my blog

This is actually pretty fun and I could go on and on but I will stop here.. I think all of you should play along, you know you want to!!!


rblanton22 said...

I think all the Real Housewives and Jersey Shore shows are stupid too.

Actually, I agree with most of what you wrote, but that's not really surprising, is it? Haha.


Mama Dew said...

So SWEET that you send cards randomly! LOVE that!!!

Thanks for linking up!!

Lindsey said...

Love your boot camp schedule! So happy for you!


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