Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Guest List... Other Randoms

One of every Bride's nightmares is the Guest List!! Who to invite, of course family then your best/closest friends.. Then where does the line get drawn? You have Co-workers, College friends, Grade School friends, Childhood friends, Best friends parents, Your parents friends, Your In-Laws friends, Church friends, and the list goes on and on!

I am not ready to make all the decisions yet... I have an ideal "A" list and "B" list going on but nothing is final by any means, I just saw this little picture "graph" to help with the Guest list pressure and wanted to share. It was featured in the July/August edition of Bride's Magazine

(you should be able to click on the image to enlarge)

A Few Random Side Notes:
* I'm headed to get a massage today.. I've been wanting to get one for month's and just never could justify with myself why I should treat myself to one, well after working really hard in school lately and getting in my first "my fault" accident yesterday (no not hurt just really shook up,) I'm finally treating myself to one to hopefully make this week get better! I carry all my anxiety/tension in my shoulders and I feel like my shoulders are up at my jaw line right now.. I even asked my friend Justin in boot camp last week why my shoulders looked a certain way when doing this one routine compared to everyone else's looking more relaxed...

* Well I didn't get a 100 on that test I was hoping to, so no LuLu Lemon pants for me! Better luck next time huh? ha!

*Flying anywhere the first of Dec or Jan-Mar next year? Southwest Airlines is offering great deals, $30, $60, $90 etc (depending how many miles) Sale ends tomorrow night, head over to the website to see if anything works for you! If it does... feel free to buy me a ticket also with the money you saved ;)

*Last but NOT least, I wanted to dedicate a special post for this but don't want to make anyone uncomfortable or look like I'm just jumping on a bandwagon... Please please please Pray for Katie and Ben today, they've been in my prayers so much lately and today is their 3 year anniversary and Katie is bringing Ben all the cards people have sent to the hospital, I sent my card about 3 weeks ago and have been eager for today! If you aren't familiar with Ben and Katie head over to their blog and "follow" their story. They were invovled in a tragic car accident, Katie had minimal broken bones, bumps, and bruises and was out within a couple weeks. Ben has not been so fortunate, he is still in the hospital doing numerous amounts of therapy and making progress everyday! Katie has won Wife of the year award with out having to put up a fight, that woman is amazing, she loves Ben with her whole entire heart and so much more. I don't have the right to sit here and really say anymore as I do not know them personally, and if I do continue to talk I will ball my eyes out even more.. So just head over to her blog and read for yourself, make sure to show her some love, she deserves it!!

Click on image above or here

Still trying to find time to gather my thoughts for the blog posts I blogged about last week, sorry....


rblanton22 said...

Guest lists = BLEH. Worst part of wedding planning ever.

But you'll get through it. And if you wanna have a wine night where we look everything over, well, I'LL BRING THE WINE! :) You don't even have to ask my advice, I'll just keep supplying you with glasses full of wine to make things easier. :) :) :) Love you!

Lindsey said...

Just so you know - I did the little chart and I am definitely a YES to be invited!

very married said...

thanks for the tip! i'm totally checking out southwest!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I just purchased a ticket on SWA's sale, woohoo!! My momma is a flight attendant for them and wouldn't fly any other way!


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