Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A little of this & A little of that...

Hi my fellow blog friends! I've been wanting to blog for weeks now but it just has seemed to be at the bottom of the list, but after a couple of my lovely girlfriends (not mentioning names ;)) continue to ask me when I'm gonna blog I figured it was about that time!

No need to go into details as to how busy I've been, cause that's the story of my life.. It I'm not busy, then somethings wrong with me, which leads me into a few things that have been going on lately, Let's see since I last blogged...

HH/Dinner with these always so fun girls while the guys par took in opening day of Dove Season and then met us out for a long night of shuffle board!

Celebrated one of my best friends, Rachael (far left) hubby's B-Days and also our dear friend who we met through, Chris aka Morty!

Celebrated my Brother's 30th Birthday at Fogo De Chao with the fam!

At the Country Fair to see Randy Rogers Band, always a good time with these ladies, especially at a RR concert, their true fans :)

Celebrated 35 wonderful years of marriage with my parents!!

Brian and I after Taste Of Texas, man we were stuffed!!

Mom and I joined a friends team this year rather than doing it alone like we normally do! Such a great event for so many amazing ladies who battle Breast Cancer

So glad I got to witness/celebrate one of my longgg time friends Anand marry his best friend Whitney! In the pic along with me and the newlyweds is Shauna, Preng, and Britany, lots of laughs and good chats we had this night!

One more pic to leave ya with... Bekah, Crystal, and I enjoying a night in the hott tub and hours on end of great talks!

More exciting/random news:
- School is going really good this semester, I'm busting butt to stay on my A game but I'm enjoying it!
- I'm having bad wedding fever again.. I wanna plan plan plan!! ha
- Speaking of weddings, lots of ideal changes going on!
- I miss my little Allie that I used to nanny so so much, she took her first 6 steps last week!!!!
- I just completed my 30 hours training (every Mon & Wed night the past 5 weeks) to be a casa volunteer for Child Advocates of Fort Bend

I know many of you are saying how do you have time or why are you doing this, your already busy enough.. Like I said I wouldn't be "me" if I wasn't busy and volunteering is one of my most fav things to do!
- Speaking of volunteering, one of my friends from grade school, Shauna (pic above) is on my rodeo committee with me this year and I could not be more excited!!! She's such a fun person and great friend, were gonna have some fun with this!!

I could go on and on with other random stuff and also all the exciting things I have coming up and are looking forward to but I think I'll wrap it up for tonight and that will give me another reason to blog soon :)

Also I'm to intruged with watching the last miner being rescued. God Bless all those men and their families, lets pray they all remain in good health!


Annie said...

my goodness, you have been busy and it doesn't sound like that will be changing!! ;) cute pictures hun!! you always look beautiful!!! :)

♥ H ♥ said...

A. I love you
B. My gma used to volunteer for Child Advocates. I used to want to get into that before teacher :) That was one of the many ideas that popped into my head when I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Now, I can just live through you :)
C. Purple is a FAB color on you. That dress is very flattering btw!!
D. That's all I have HA!

Cynthia Muniz said...

Looks like you are one busy woman! My friend is almost done doing her hours for the child advocates. When is your big day? It will be here before you know it!

Angelica said...

thats crazy you know anand! i know him from Baylor!


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