Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend Re-Cap:


Took my friend Mike C on a blind date to meet a girl on my rodeo committee, things didn't go well but we had a good dinner :)


I spent the day & night in bed sick, boo...


Still in bed sick


Rested all day and so lucky my parents let me go to my friend Rachael's bachlorette party for a bit, I had most of the supplies that was needed for the party and the hotel was in my name, so getting there was a must for me and I did not want to miss her special night ;/

and yes I'm 25 and had to get my parents permission to leave... ha! They are the ones who took me to the er and are paying

Saturday Night:
Cafe Adobe- the bride's fav resturant

back at the hotel:

I think I'll save Easter for its open post, Easter and bachlorette party in the same post just don't sound right

So be looking forward to the Easter post :)

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