Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Past Week

First of all Thanks for the votes on the camera strap, I will be ordering the Tangerine one this weekend!

Here are a few pics from the past week..

My best friend came and saw me last week when I was oh so sick, she brought me these beautiful flowers, which are still kickin' it today and a Bride magazine, what better could I ask for ?

Monday I received this little package...

And this is what was inside.... My mom got this sign made for me when we went shopping at the Rodeo shops on my B-Day, the people who made it are from Lubbock and couldn't make it till they got back home after the show, so now it has arrived!!!! I asked them to make it kinda Western looking to match our future place :) I LOVE it!

Monday night the bestie and I went to the Astros Opening Game! We lost, but it was fun for us!!!

Love these 2! We made plans a week in advance to go to dinner.. We did a little shopping and then headed over to Chuy's for some yummy Mexican food!

When we all first met up in the store... This is what we discovered! LOVE us some White Watches!

Yesterday my mom and I went to see Frank, Auntie Cousin Joy's husband.. Before she passed away, one day when we were shopping she bought this stepping stone and told us to give it to him after she passed away.. So we finally made it to his new house yesterday to give it to him, we all cried a little and laughed a little, it was nice

Now to end the week:

Today: Doctor's appt. Please pray for me to find the strength to do what I need to do and that all goes well with the Doctor and her advice

Tomorrow: Watching baby Allie and SLUMBER Party @ Megan's, were making cupcakes!

Saturday: Danielle and Chris's 1st Crawfish Boil, umm I can taste it now.. Then after we are headed to Jeff and Amy's Couple's Shower who are getting married in Mexico in June

Sunday: Were gonna head to the river house to put the boat back in the water and MAYBE just maybe ride (wakeboard) I normally don't get back in the water till closer to May or even maybe Mid May but I'm etching to get back out on the water, so we will see!

I hope everyone has had a Blessed week and has a great weekend!!

Thanks for reading


Stephanie said...

sounds like a fun week/weekend! :)

Chris and Danielle Lenz said...

Busy busy girl! Can't wait for Saturday and you and Megan better not eat all the cupcakes before you get there. I atleast want 3 or 4, lol! Love you a million!

Crystal Young said...

Ooh. I want a white watch too. After I saw the one Sandra Bullock wore in the Blind Side I knew I needed to add it to my wish list.

Lindsey said...

If only we had the time and budgets to get together every Tuesday for Nordy Rack and Chuys...


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