Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thank You Mr. FedEX and Mr. UPS for your hard work!

After spending the weekend doing a little of this:

and this:

and hanging this:

I came home to THIS:
Which included these:

opening of camera strap: Thanks for the recommendation Catherine!

beautiful packaging

the oh so cute Tangerine Strap!

Our family's 1st annual Crawfish photo book: Thanks Lindsey's for the coupon code that lead me to make a book!

beautifully packaged Save the Dates from Magnetstreet.com

close up our Save the Dates, with my last name spelled wrong...

And I leave you with these:

Rachael's Beautiful wedding last weekend! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Cherry

Brian had no idea the color of the wedding and he matched my dress :) That's soulmates right there, ha!
gotta support the groom's hobbies :)

The fiance wanted a pic with the Bride :)

And then my memory stick was full....


Lindsey said...

LOVE the pics - great update. BOO to the magnets - I hope they are fixing them! Love the camera strap...if only I was a good amature photographer... :)

Anonymous said...

Love your save the dates! I'm sure you will get them fixed.

the glover gang said...

three things:
1. it's like heaven when you come home to lots of packages like that.... woohoo!
2. i adore that camera strap, and MIGHT have to copy you!
3. this may sound very weird, but im really funny about dates and numbers, and i love the date of yall's wedding. the numbers go so well together! i know... crazy!

have a good rest of week.... hope you get more stops from the UPS or FedEx guy!

Catherine & Brandon said...

how fun!!! love new updates!

omg to the save the dates....
wow to those fish!!!
camera strap is fabulous!!
love the wedding pics!!!

can't wait until the next update!

kate said...

Magnet street has AWESOME customer service, make sure you get them to send you new ones on RUSH! But they are soooooo adorable!

♥ H ♥ said...

I love that blue color on you Jenn!! HAHA, I love the ending "and then my memory stick was full" LOL...you're so funny!


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