Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Future Home: Western/Rustic/Texas Decor

As some of you may read on my blog before, I LOVE LOVE Rustic, Texas Chic decor and plan on decorating my whole house/town home first with it, maybe except our room.. I have been buying stuff over the past year, so I have tubs full but here are a few of my recent purchases that I am excited to share!

Oh did I mention, they were all bargains?

Hobby Lobby: $12.00

Hobby Lobby: Vintage Rodeo Coasters $6 bucks!

Hobby Lobby: Tea Light Candle holder $1.50

Shop at the Rodeo, mom bought for B-Day!

TJ Maxx $2 bucks

Tj Maxx 2 bucks.. this is a saying I have ALWAYS said about my mom, thought I can maybe do something with this and a pic of us one day!

The last 2 signs are hung by Suede brown rope/line, can't get more western than that!

If you ever see anything Western to die for or a bargain, make sure to pass it along :)


Catherine & Brandon said...

Love Love Love them!! Isn't it so fun to find bargains !

Lindsey said...

I have something at my apartment that has YOUR name on it that we aren't using anymore. I'll bring it on Tuesday!


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