Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break/Weekend Wrap Up!

Oh how I love my Sundays! I love watching Lifetime and just relaxing around the house doing school work and house work! Oh and normally always uploading new photos :)

Boy am I glad I decided to stop being lazy and bumming around the house as I mentioned in my last post.. Here's a few pics to show what I got up and went and did with some great friends!

Craw fish @ Rajun Cajun with some friends, minus a few people..

Kristen and I with our yummy craw fish!

2 of my BEST friends, Danielle and Megan @ Megan's Bridal Shower

The beautiful bride-to-be in the apron I got her..

My ♥ and I @ mark's bbq (check out my new cross necklace)

Dani and I @ Baker St.

Brian and I getting ready to ride... BURRR!

Brian tearing it up on the water! I LOVE watching him fyi...

I love being able to tell my weekend in pictures rather than font....

Please view my cousin Lory's video on her church web site.. OneLookChallenge..
She is in the purple scarf with short Brown hair! Love her, God continue to Bless her in so many ways!

Until next time,
Have a Blessed Week

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