Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break is flying by, as I knew it would. I have only gotten a few things crossed of the "ideal" list I made of things to do this week. Today I had a great time spending the day with my dear friend Megan and her mom, we laughed, chatted, and also had some intense concentration with wedding ideas and thoughts. Megan's mom wanted me to try on dresses when we went to Megan's dress fitting, I was too embarrassed to and since I've gained weight lately I didn't want my first impression in a dress to be a negative one. Oh and NO I am not getting married if that just kinda made it sound like I'm wedding dress shopping, ha! I'm kind of disappointed with myself, I have been kind of lazy this week and not gone through with some things I said I was going to do or wanted to do like be headed to Gary Allan right now, Keith Urban last night, Scrapbook etc. So I'm taking a stand tonight and making the rest of my spring break a success with going to Pat Green, Working rodeo Committee, going to the river, a craw fish boil, Megan's first shower, and spending Saturday night with some dear friends! Woo I'm excited!

Eating Craw fish in Pearland with Trisha and Od!

OD and Trisha @ our beer and craw fish outting!

Rachel, Emily, and I @ Sam's Boat for St. Patty's Day!

Cheers to St. Patty's Day! Thanks Patrick for the shots!

My ♥ and I @ Sam's Boat with my beer goggles on! ha

Kristen, Jenny, Lauren, and I @ Baker St.

Megan and I @ the dress shop!
So this past Saturday my parents and I had a little adventure... We got ANOTHER dog! Never thought I would see this day in the house with my dad! One of his customers had an ex-girlfriend leave him with the dog (which she abused anyways) and he took care and loved the dog but can't keep the dog due to work travel. He was going to take the dog to the pound and my dad said we would take it. MAN has it been a hectic week in our house, we have a 7 year old weenie dog, Gracie who most of you know is just so spoiled and love able and now we have 3 year old Laila who is scared of everything and just so fragile. Laila is sleeping with me and I have been taking special care of her and feel that Gracie is made at me :(, we took both dogs to the river yesterday so I could put the boat in the water for the summer, that was an adventure poor Laila thought we were moving her to ANOTHER home or something.. I have TRIED to get a picture of the dogs next to eachother but that has not happend often so I have not succeded yet!

Gracie waiting/wondering what we were doing.....

Gracie and Laila sniffing eachother..

Gracie with her new Astros collar, the other Astros one was faded and ready to go!

Laila in her new Rockets collar!

Off to rent a movie from McDonald's Red box for a movie night in!

I hope everyone has a blessed rest of the week and a wonderful weekend!


Stephany said...

I love the weiner cute!

Heather said...

Congrats on the new addition!! What are you doing Saturday?

Anonymous said...

Hey, looks like your doing great too!! Long time no talk, seems like forever!!!


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