Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little did I know....

I put off blogging for several months of being told I should do it, thinking I didn't have anything to talk about. I thought well I'm not planning a wedding and I don't have any kids so what is going to be interesting.. Well little did I know, from the hour after I did my last blog I've been dying to do my next one!
First things first, whats up with the weather? Bring Back The Sun! The past couple weeks has had be in such wakeboard/river mode, its been killing me. As many of you know my river house is my HEAVEN and you know where to find me from about April-October on the weekends.

I have better pics, but here is a quick one of me getting a little air (yes it looks like I'm barely of the water but it feels like your 15 ft off the water)

Here is my little pro wakeboarder! He has only been riding for less than 2 years and is already competing. Speaking of, we need to get some practice in before Texas Round Up at the end of April, we will be camping out with our friends Jeremy and Jamie.

This week as all my weeks have been busy, I started at Bikram Yoga but only made it once this week :(, but I absolutely loved it! I felt great after leaving!
I also met with the Education Director at UH this week about starting up a teacher organization at UHSL, which she was just thrilled about, its right up my alley!
As I discussed in my last post I am supposed to have a garage sale tomorrow and Saturday, well due to weather that has been postponed till the 3rd weekend in April. I have EVERYTHING ready from the clothes, furniture, pricing, signs, tables etc. If anyone has something they wanna throw in my sell, let me know!
So since my sale has been canceled, which I had set my whole weekend aside for. I picked up a shift at the school I substitute teach at tomorrow and also committed to babysitting a new family tomorrow night. We also made plans with a couple of our friends to go see Josh Turner Saturday night and do some rodeo shopping.
On Tuesday my sweet sweet school girlfriends surprised me with a late Birthday celebration lunch. I had such a great time. We went to Cara's house after our morning class and enjoyed some Chicken Spaghetti along with some salad followed by a BIG cupCAKE we then enjoyed 4 hours of laughs and stories before returning to our 4 O'Clock class. THANKS Girls!

I'm so excited about Spring Break next week, even though I only go to school 2 days a week I feel I never have enough time. I have lots of plans for next week.... Rodeo Committee, Celebrating St Patty's Day, Dinner with the Lenz's, Dress fitting and spending the day with Meg and her mom, Going to see my dear friend Trisha's new house, Pat Green, Working with MDA, Dinner with Rachel and Ashley, Megan's First Wedding shower, Whoa and sleeping somewhere in there... Pictures to follow soon...

I look forward to continuing to read your blogs and get more followers :) how do some of you have so many followers? Jealous! ha!
This past week I found a few old friends blogs and a dear friend Monica started a blog! Can't wait to find more!
Have a blessed weekend!


Heather said...

Dang girl, busy week!!

Heather said...

I left you an award on my blog :)

Mrs. Chad Carroll said...

Josh Turner!!! I turned him down to marry Chad...did you know that?? :o)
You have got a heck of a week coming up little lady!! It's making me tired just reading your blog!!!


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