Sunday, March 8, 2009

I caved....

Several of my closest girlfriends are already bloggin' after a couple months of doing so, I've finally caved to their gestures of telling me I should also. I'm really excited, I tend to not talk about myself when talking to friends and only concerned with what is going on in their lives. I'm hoping this helps me open up more and keep my friends and family informed of my life involvements.
So lets go over a brief overview...

My 24th Birthday was this past week, I pretty much celebrated all week with various lunches and dinners and then my "Get Together" last night. Which I loved every minute of all of it!
Here's a brief overview..

Dinner @ Lupe with some of my grade school girlfriends

My mom and I spent my actual Birthday day @ Reliant Arena shopping the little shops, I got a couple "Texas Rustic" themed items for my future home...

My dear brother could not join us for dinner @ Cheesecake Factory Wed night so we all went out to an early dinner Saturday night to Taste Of Texas

Brian and I then went and had a short visit at my "big sis's" engagement party!

My Future Teacher school girlfriends!

My dear girlfriends who I am so thankful for!

Finalizing the 24th Birthday Celebration with a bottle of Champagne my dear friend Anand bought.

*I am currently extremely busy as most of you know I like to keep myself. I am substitute teaching at a couple private schools here in Sugar Land, PS I LOVE it!!!!
*I am in the HISD doing field experience hours every week!
After wanting to join a rodeo committee since I was 18, I finally did it! It was real last minute and *I haven't regretted it since, I have already met some awesome people and look forward to doing it in the years to come.
*I am having a garage sale next weekend, yes a garage sale..... I know sounds kinda country bumpkin but my parents and I over the past couple months have been doing some major cleaning and just had to do it! I will be having it at Brian's dad's house in Memorial, we are not allowed to have garage sales in Sugar Creek. We were going to have it at my dad's storage facility but worried all his customers would want to do the same and it would just be chaos. Check out these super cute signs I found, but didn't buy.. figured it was a waste of money!

She makes signs for everything, check out her site and bookmark it for the future!
*My brother and about 10 of his grade school friends formed a softball team, Brian also joined. That just started back up so I am attending those games twice a week as I have been named the "Team Photographer" and "Team Mom"

*I am greatly looking forward to spring break, even thought I only go to class 2 days a week, I feel I don't get to visit with my friends enough, during spring break I am looking forward to shopping with one of my best friends Megan, getting some dinner's with girlfriends, and also attending the rodeo to see Gary Allan and Pat Green followed by an eventful weekend with Megan's first shower and a craw fish boil.
OK I think I have caught all of you up on plenty to take in for now, I think I am already addicted! I look forward to all of you reading my first blog and continuing to follow yours!
God Bless Always,
With Love!


Megan said...

Welcome to the Blog world! You will quickly become addicted! Can't wait to hang out with you soon! Love ya!

Heather said...

So glad you made a blog!!

The Hall Family said...

welcome!!! i am a fan!!!! so glad you are bloggin'!


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