Monday, June 27, 2011

Do You Pintrest?

I caved....

Over the past few months I have heard the site mentioned and seen various fabulous boards posted on blogs and other social media but I kept telling myself that I did not need to join and fall into the trap of looking at another site daily (I used to look at my blogger daily.. That has been neglected the past few months,) but after finding myself checking out the site more often I decided to give in..

Thanks to MJ over at Teaching In Heels, I got my invite to follow and quickly got signed up!

In case you aren't familiar, here' s a quick overview of what it is:
Pintrest is a web-based place to bookmark all of your favorite images all in one place. You can create different folders for things you may be looking for or for things you want to remember.

Some boards I'm looking forward to creating:
Wedding Ideas
Fun Girl Time Ideas
Gift Ideas
and much more....

So are you "Pinning"?
I'm not sure how it all works yet but I know you have to be 'invited' so if you are interested in starting leave me a comment and I'll send you an invite (once I figure out how to...ha.)

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