Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tin Flower Girl Basket

This is the look I'm going for: (dont know why this is underlined..)

I have talked to the Bride, she got the tin pail at Garden Ridge, it was brown and she painted it silver and had her florist spice it up!

I'm on a mission...
Here is what I have found so far, all of these would be painted the tin solver color

Bucket 1:

I would have to get some kind of wire to make a starp/ hang thing...

Bucket 2:

Bucket 3:

The welcome sign is a sticker that can be peeled off and then painted like top pic..

Bucket 4:

Mom said the point at the bottom is too dangerous

I'm going for a "rustic Texas" look...
I may have to look on, hopefully with spring and summer coming up I can find something. I've looked all over online.. No luck!

Thanks Ladies!!


The Sturgeon's Story said...

I really like the 3rd one, I think it looks the most 'Briscoe' if you know what I mean?

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

My sister did the same tin pail kind of thing for her flower girl and it was so cute! Love it! I am leaning toward bucket 1 or 3

♥ H ♥ said...

I agree with Haley ...the 3rd one!

Jonathan & Megan Lenz said...

the 3rd one is the best. its the shape and has the wire at the top already. its perfect!

Rebekah said...

i like the first one, you can add a purple ribbon for the flower girl to carry it by.


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