Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thank You's

This post is LONG over due! I am not one to go without a "Thank You" I send people Thank You cards for doing the littlest things such as calling and having a nice convo with me! Much less when people give me something or go out of their way for me, they def get a big Thank You. Since we got engaged I've had so many people give me and do sweet things and now's my time to say thanks, besides the Thank You card they already have on their way!'

First I need to think my buffer aka bffe for hosting my Suprise Bridal Brunch the day after I got back from the cruise along with the stacksss of mags she gave me and a sweet sweet card!

Another Thank You I owe is to my big sis (not by blood, just by love) She took me to a wonderful dinner at Benjy's we had a nice long talk and killed a bottle of wine (mainly her, ha jk)

She had this nice little stack below waiting for me when I got to her house! Gotta LOVE The Knot!

She was so sweet to DIG through ALL her invitations and paper goods to find some good ones for me to take home, don't worry she WILL be getting them back!

Another sweet friend named Lindsey aka Jan brought me a gorgeous wedding coffee table book for me to get some great ideas from, I have not finished looking yet but I'm really looking forward to it!
She wrote me a sweetttt message on the inside, can't wait to plan hers one day....

My bestie and I celebrate by going to Jap's for dinner and getting some yummy Swirll after! Thanks for letting me talk about my Wedding the WHOLE time Bekah!!

I wanna Thank my future mother in law for already putting up with all my emails and bringing me these gorgeous roses and sweet card to the brunch on Sunday

Thanks to Matt (Brian's Bro) Jj (Megan's Hubby) and Bekah for the bottles of champagne Friday night to our toast! Also thanks to Mark for making the toast!

I owe another Thanks to my buffer! I called and woke her up early Sunday morning to meet me for breakfast @ La Madeline then we headed over to Swoozies for a little local vendor show and got some great ideas! Thanks for putting up with me Megan!

I did not plan on doing a Candy Buffet (even thought Mom wanted to..) till I saw this ladies set up on Sunday and I fell in love! That deserves its own post, so more to come...

I also wanna Thank
*Danielle and Chris for the card
*Rachael for dinner and seeing me 3 times in 1 week!
* Catherine for making me a binder, answering all my emails, sending me great advice, lending me wedding supplies, all while taking care of her 3 week old baby girl!!!!!
*All the people who have left me Facebook comments, messages, etc!
*Everyone who has been researching alraedy for me and sending over pics and ideas

And Last BUT NOT LEAST... My mother! She has already been amazing, we've have already been running errands like mad women, shes dug high and low in stores for me, all in all she has just already put up with me being a Bride, if ya know what I mean!

I have SO many posts in my head I wanna do just have to find the time to sit down and do them!
I'm real real excited about a particular one that I can not post yet, hoping I can do that tomorrow night after I'm finished doing what the post is about............

I hope I am not forgetting anything, If I did I'm so sorry.. With starting school, planning a wedding, still putting away Christmas stuff, planning a bach party, planning a bridal shower, working out, and breathing... I've never had SO much on my mind as I have this past week!


Anonymous said...

You are very loved, young lady!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

It's so great that you already have so many people in your life all excited and geared up for the wedding planning with you! Congrats again!

Lindsey said...

What a sweet post! You are loved by many!

Jonathan & Megan Lenz said...

You are MORE than welcome! You were a HUGE help to me during my wedding and I cannot wait to be along with you during yours. Many many more trips to shops on the hunt for items! Love you buffer! hahahaha

Annie said...

you are on a roll little lady!!
i love that you are LOVED by so many wonderful people :) so sweet!!
if we have a reception i really want a candy bar too!! so fun!!


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