Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ringing In The New Year- Things to look forward to!

*Side note: This post was created January 3rd, yes I'm just going back mid February to complete and publish it.. Enjoy :)

This year BD and I rang in the New Year with a few close friends at our friends parents house.. We defiantly are over the whole going out "in town" idea, for one we don't have the money for it (although I still spent more than I would of liked to on decor, fireworks etc) and it's just not safe going from in town to the suburbs even in a taxi.. We only drove approx 10 miles from our friends house back to Brian's for the night and we had a car pull out in front of us at a light, our light was green and had been green and this car just went straight threw his red light, BD was driving since he does not drink at all and he was very shook up and scared.. So just goes to show no matter how little you drive on NYE it still can be dangerous!
We had a great night with lots of laughs, dancing, being silly, taking pictures, shooting fire works, and just having fun out on all the land the house was on! Here's very few pics to show:

Brian and I celebrating another New Year together, hopefully this year brings us as many great times as 2010!

The Girl's of the night!

And that's all I'm gonna post as far as pics.. ha!

Now onto the more fun part of the post!!

Things I'm looking forward to in 2011:

*Weekends at Bernard..

*Starting another semester and a semi new chapter in my life in the Education field

*Celebrating 1 year engagement with BD, you can read back to the proposal here

*Our big camping trip with some of our best friends

*The Winter Boat Show at Reliant

*One of my bestest friends Birthday celebrations, were going to see Randy Rogers Band! Head over to her blog and feel free to leave her a little comment saying she should start blogging again :)

*My first Nephew's Baby Shower, OK not "technically" my nephew but close enough.. It is my God sister also one of my MOH's baby shower.. When she called to tell me she was prego, she said, I have something to tell you, "You're going to be an Aunt" so yep I'll be an Aunt!

*The World Championship Bar-B-Que , This is one weekend I look forward to every year! If your not from Houston, here's a little run down.. It's a 3 day event, hundreds of cooking teams come out and compete for the best bbq, all put on by sponsorship, you have to "know someone" to get into a tent.. you have to have tickets into each tent and are checked at the door, when you go in all the tents vary but most always have tons of good food- free drinks- dancing- and just lots of fun, I don't even drink but I just love going and having fun with friends and taking it all in. I love the scene and the cow boy hats and laughing at the crazy people!

*Working another year on the Ladies Go Texan Rodeo Committee! Also very excited that 2 of my girl friends' that I've been close with since Middle School have joined the committee this year so we will be signing up for as many shifts as possible together

*Not really looking forward to this one.. But my 26th Birthday!

*Spring Break, fortunately I will be able to look forward to this every year forever with the career field I have choose.. Unlike most people have to stop looking forward to it once they graduate college!

*The arrival of the baby boy mentioned above :)

*The Child Advocates Gala and Auction

*My friend Lyndsey's Wedding in April

*Helping host my friend Courtney's Baby shower

*BD's 26th Birthday

* Finishing another semester of school, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel..

*Our cruise in May to celebrate Brian's dad's Birthday & Brian and his bro's Graduations... We will be leaving the weekend we were supposed to get married this year, so this will be perfect timing for a little get away!!

*Possibly my family's 3rd Annual Craw fish Boil

*Summer weekend's at Bernard aka the river house

* My friend Sherry's Wedding in May

*Events/Tournaments with the Wakeboarding organization were involved in:

*Hopefully finding an Education related job during the summer months

*My friend Julia's Wedding in August

*Celebrating all my friends and families Birthday's in 2011

*Graduation in December

That's all I can think of off the top of my head that I know is for sure happening in 2011, maybe I can do an updated post mid year!


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