Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday Thoughts!

* Am I crazy for taking SO many hours this semester... Am I going to be able to pull all A's as usual?
*Seems as though a lot of my girlfriends are in need of prayer more than normal right now, I think I should bring my Bible to Dallas with me for the weekend!
*How cute is this hanger to hang your wedding dress on for pics the day of...

* As much as I LOVE summer and being outside in the water and sun, I'm ready for cooler weather and comfy hoodies!
*The tailgate shower is getting closer and I'm so excited, I think I have everything I've been planning...
*Along with taking TONS of school hours this semester, I only have 2 weekends in the planner that have nothing written on them.......
*Does this dress work for November wedding, I'm in the House Party and the colors are Navy and Teal.. Is this dress ok? Lindsey, I expect you to respond to this post! ha.. Ok So I can't get the pics down here, but its a pic of the back, the detail, and the front!
*I'm really really excited to head to Dallas today, as we drive in were meeting another couple, Katie and Matt for dinner @ their fav Mexican restaurant and then heading on to the Jones house for the weekend!
*I don't know what I would do at school without my "school girls"
*I have a list of things to do today before we leave at noon, so I should go!

Until Sunday,
have a blessed weekend ladies!


Anonymous said...

I think the dress is perfect :)- LB

Ivy said...

Hi Jenn! I'm now a follower of you blog! its so cute! I need your email address to add you to my reader list! Just leave it in a comment on my blog or email me at

♥ H ♥ said...

You have an award on my blog!! Give me a few and it will be up :)


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