Sunday, August 16, 2009

New traditions...

After glancing at some other ladies blogs I got a few ideas of things I want to start doing. I came up with some of my own off of their ideas. On Sunday's I want to start posting something about Praising and worship since Sunday is God's day, although I feel everyday is God's day but that's what some people say. Also on Thursdays I want to start doing "Thursday Thoughts" every Thursday. I'm excited about these 2 things as I hope it makes me blog more often :)
So here is today's first..
One of my favorite Christian songs I hear on 89.3 is by Chris Tomlin, If you listen to Christian music, I am sure you have heard this song.
With all that has been going through my mind lately and decisions I've had to make I just can't help but to think "How Great is Our God" please watch the video and really listen to the words


♥ H ♥ said...

LOVE the new layout!!! and love the ideas for blogging!

Mrs. Chad Carroll said...

Love the new layout....and thank you for posting this video. You couldn't have done it at a better time.

love and miss ya!

Jenn said...

Thanks ladies! Miss you both!


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